Onitsha History, Kingship and Changing Cultures

Nigerian Spokesman 1964-65


  Nigerian Spokesman 1964

The first issue I receive for this year  is Jan. 20.

On the national level, the Spokesman of February 5 trumpets the latest election victory of the NCNC in the Mid-West State, with an editorial saying the  “NPC [is] Going…!  Going….!”, that the NPC  has boasted it would rule the whole Federation forever, but now that NCNC has won in the Mid‑West,  the next task is the “battle for the North”.  The opinion page “Spitfire” alludes to “a political party from jihad”, and to “chop-chop politicians” in Old Calabar Province, suggesting they will likely go over to the NPC eventually.  and on February 22, the NCNC political reporter  “Nee-Ankrah” warns of the  “Re‑birth of Fulani Imperialism”, describing the nineteenth-century jihadist Dan Fodio’s conquests, and the dreams of Ahmadu Bello, his grandson, of a jihad re‑birth.  He observes that, when the NCNC entered coalition with NPC to form the federal government, it was on the basis of “equality and fraternity”, but today, NPC members hold many of the important portfolios (listed). And the NPC “lackeys and stooges” show growing hostility toward the President, Nnamdi Azikiwe.  Zik criticized poverty on his tour, offending the Emirs.  Zik has done more than any other to bring freedom to this country; Nee-Ankrah observes that Zik could have chosen to enter into coalition with the Action Group instead of the NPC (perhaps implying a touch of regret on this point).

On the local level, The Spokesman reports that a “Berlin Exhibition” is on display in Onitsha, illustrating the industrial processes of German recovery and being visited by various political dignitaries of the Eastern Region (including “His Highness Obi Onyejekwe”),  The Spokesman calls for building a cooperative bridge of support from the German people:

“Onitsha needs industries.  There is no doubt that the Germans who were able, in so short a time, to clear the ruins of war and embark on a giant reconstruction that has yielded these incredible achievements can also help Nigeria via Onitsha to find her feet at a record time of her independence.”1

(the Spokesman notes elsewhere that the Germans have just presented a gift of £ 70,000  to the newly-forming Midwest State “towards nationbuilding of the new Region.”

Major news appears on February 6:

“His Highness Onyejekwe I”
“Mr Joseph Jideofor Enwezor”

This article reports that “The Federal Supreme Court Sitting at Enugu  yesterday dismissed with 15 guineas costs the appeal lodged by Mr Josep fideofor Enwezor seeking to be recognized as the Obi of Onitsha in place of Igwe Joseph Onyejekwe who has officially been recognized as the Obi”  Photographs of the two men accompany the report as shown here.

On February 7 the Spokesman editorial, entitled “The End”, observes that, as “more and more individuals, families and groups continue to retract and acknowledge Igwe Onye[je]kwe as the one and only officially and traditionally recognised Obi of Onitsha”,  “It is expected that Nnanyelugo Enwezor and those who stood uncompromisingly with him during the hectic days of the battle will also retract and do the only reasonable and honourable thing open to them — go to Obi Onyejekwe and cutsy to His Highness….  What they lost in persistently trying they will gain in patiently enduring.”

Obiekwe Aniweta’s Essay on the Obiship Contest,  February 13 to 17

Then on February 13, The Spokesman runs a small front-page headline stating “Obiekwe Condoles Enwezor”:

Mr. Obiekwe Aniweta, one time Political Secretary of Ogbuefi Nnanyelugo Joseph Enwezor, now in one of the Universities in Nigeria, has sent a message of condolence to Mr. Enwezor:  Allelujah Supreme Court Ruling Obiship vindicates me x Your flatterers become weeping Jeremiahs x May your political soul rest in peace” Obiekwe Aniweta.

On the second page of this issue, under a large headline, “That Obiship contest: why Enwezor failed” (by Obiekwe Aniweta, Enwezor’s Ex‑Political Secretary), Obiekwe introduces the “real cause” of why “my candidate” was “thrown into the fiery furnance [sic] of defeat and humiliation”. He generously  praises Enwezor’s character, but then adds that “tradition” was not on his side, though “It was my intention to win him the Throne of Onitsha at all cos. [sic]” “I…  advised him to withdraw honorably” when the Harding Report offered Onyejekwe the throne. But he and some of his supporters went to the law courts. So I had to “refuse to answer to Mr. Enwezor” as a matter of conscience. “Accordingly I withdrew my support….”

“…I know that the majority of those pretending to support him only want his money and nothing more”. They “played him UmuEzeAroli“, heaping public adulations, calling him “Igwe”, etc. Umuezearoli people “are noted for their craftiness and diplomacy.”  “His so-called supporters came to me, telling me I was foolish to leave a place where people could easily get money by  telling false stories and indulging in notorious flattery; one of them said,  ‘When I sympathise with a sick person will his sickness vanish?’, meaning Ka Nisi Onye Nso Asim Ifemsemeya Na?”   In other words, when they salute Enwezor as Obi, will he become the Obi? Enwezor should have known he will never be made Obi, or any of his children.

The reasons he has failed:

(1) Onyejekwe’s way was cleared by Odita’s political destruction; Onyejekwe is a “man of destiny”; he had “natural advantages” over Enwezor: his mother is from Okebunabo, hence “Perthis won him their entire support; while Enwezor’s mother is from Nsugbe.

(2) Onyejekwe had the support of “the Onitsha intellectuals and youths”; the people of Onitsha were unhappy that the late Obi Okosi II had a man as his mouthpiece when he visited the UK ‑‑ he could not be viewed as a “highly educated person”. So Onitsha’s position as a leader in education made fitting an educated person.

(3) “The ancestral background of the two contestants” played an important part:  Mr. Harding and majority of Onitsha people were more impressed by Onyejekwe’s genealogy. Enwezor meanwhile had trouble with his own father’s nativity, while his claimed “connections with Ogbeodogwu” brought no witness from this village before the Harding Commission.  Note that Onitsha people did not claim that Daike Anyo cannot produce an Obi. I could have contested, or (many others mentioned) ‑‑ “there could not have been any trouble at all”.

(4) “The Role of Women”: a dangerous role was played by “some women who claimed to be our supporters”: they “converted the situation into a trading business” ‑‑ exploited Enwezor’s liberalism, attached on us like human leeches, while they “went to the streets abusing almost every person in Onitsha who did not support Mr. Enwezor, with the result that they alienated the sympathy which some of these people had for Mr. Enwezor.”  [Editor:  here he very likely alludes to activities organized by Ms Maggie Obinwe, who persistently supported his cause.]

(5) Some people from Chimedie family created confusion: claimed they had monopoly of power; “Apart from Mr. Dom Nwoche, an honest gentleman, who is not hungry, I could not understand the rest.” I warned Mr. Enwezor. to be very careful with some of these people. But Onyejekwe himself said that Dom Nwoche told him his name was not in the register of the so‑called Peace Committee in the first selections. Meanwhile, Umu-Anyo people hardly knew what was going on in the private meetings. They were only called to “rubber‑stamp the decisions taken in secret meetings by a handful of Chimedie people.” I opposed some of these, so they tried to do away with me.

[Aniweta’s essay continues in the Nigerian Spokesman of February 14, 1964, page 2.]

(6) “Alliance i.e. family-marriage connections: Mr Onyejekwe had an advantage over Mr Enwezor:
‑‑ Mr Onyejekwe’s eldest daughter is being married to a member of Amechi’s family at Ogboli Eke; …Nweze Amechi carried a number of people with him in support of Onyejekwe.
‑‑ Above all, Mr Onyejekwe married the daughter of Akunne Oranye, influential Umuasele man.
‑‑ We were only successful in one alliance.  It is Mr. Ebo of Obikporo and Enwezor’s  eldest daughter ‑‑ [this helped us] enlist support of influential families in Ogbe-Ikporo like  the Modebe’s and Kwentoh’s.
‑‑ Mr. Emmanuel Enwezor, the eldest son of Enwezor, is married to a Cameroonian… [which] did not promote family alliances in Onitsha.
‑‑ Another boy of Mr Enwezor is now in the United kingdom and he is married to a Yoruba girl and this form of exogamous marrieage could not help our cause.

(7) The Ruling Age Grade — Osita Dinma — …was on the side of Mr. Onyejekwe… gave evidence… at the Harding Commission, and the y also had the full support of the Ekwueme [former “Ruling Age set”]….  The Agbalanze Society [Ozo men] of Onitsha was reorienting itself towards Mr Onyejekwe’s faction.

(8) Intelligent people from different villages were selected [to work for] Mr Onyejekwe….  “This Committee played a commendable role” in winning the throne of Onitsha for Onyejekewe.

(9) The Nigerian Spokesman’s “powerful editorials moulded public opinion which was favourable to Mr Onyejekwe’s cause.  It appears [to have been] on the side of “the Onitsha intellectuals who stood for tradition, fairly high education and popularity”, while the Eastern Observer was “on our side but it was of narrow circulation”.

(10) The support of Mbanefo Odu, the oldest member of the Ndichie-Ume, “a man of very high principles, very domeneering (sic) and exceptionally intelligent”;  he is “the leader of one of the greatest families in Onitsha and has attained both national and international  recognition.  Once he has made up his mind to support a cause he finds it difficult to go back.”
“But there is another rival family in Odoje, the Ibekwe family [he presents the intense rivalry between the late Akukalia Ibekwe and the father of the current Odu, that the two men died “leaving behind them many children who inherited the legacy of rivalry”], and infers that “once Chief Isaac Mbanefo started to support Mr Enwezor, then automatically the Ibekwes should be on the opposing camp, …[a] support [that]could not be treated with levity.”

“(11) The role of Chief P.O. anatogu … the traditional prime Minister of Onitsha… was an active supporter of Mr Enwezor but he did not carry his people with him — Umuasele people.”  [Before the dispute he had all Ugwu‑Na‑Obamkpa people behind him. But the Omodi of Umuasele ‑‑ a close relative and cooperating with Onowu beforehand ‑‑ fell away; Umuasele accused Onowu of “abuse of power”, seeing that he took sides with Enwezor; they warned him against this, but he would not listen.]

Nigerian Spokesman February 17, 1964: [Aniweta, cont’d]

Anatogu the Onowu was strongly committed to his authority, and maintained that his people of UmuAsele  were not competent to question his actions during the Interregnum, while his own villagers alleged that Onowu had slighted them, acting without consulting them and seeking their approval. Even the Omodi ‑‑ his immediate relation ‑‑ deserted him. This was a boomerang against him, in light of the agreement made among UmuAsele people that “the duty of conferring the ‘Ofor’ symbol of authority to the Obi-elect should be the prerogative of the Omodi.  [And Finally], “the Omodi and a majority of Ugwu-na Obamkpa decided to take side with Onyejekwe’s faction.  We lost this advantage.”

“Perhaps it may be interesting to note that Mr Enwezor had an initial advantage over Mr Onyejekwe with regard to the Onowu’s support.  The wife of the Onowu is directly from my family (not Enwezor’s anyway). [Note: here he distinguishes his branch of Umu-Anyo from Enwezor’s branch within that group.]  She is from the great Agwuzani family of Onitsha which I head.  She was not in good terms with the UMUADAS of Daike Anyo and eventually she was reported to have been expelled from their society.  The dispute has been unsettled for many years.  It was time for our people to effect an immediate settlement in order to get Onowu’s favour.  Some of the members of the Umuadas who felt that Onowu’s wife would over shadow them if she was brought into the Umuada society again vehemently opposed any settlement.

“But Akunne Enweonwu and I …fought and suppressed the opposition.  The dispute was settled and it was natural the Onowu should have us (Daike Anyo family and inevitably Mr Enwezor) in his good book.”

“The Onowu had great favour with the Nidichie but the people of Onitsha resisted the attempt by [the majority of] the Ndichie to impose Mr Enwezor on them.

“(12) ….the longstanding dispute between Isiokwe people and Umuezearoli.  In the land  dispute between these two villages, UmuezeAroli defeated the Isiokwe (the case is on appeal now). The defeat remained a bitter memory in the minds of Isiokwe people [so] …When Mr Enwezor was the popular choice of the Umuezearoli family the Isiokwe family naturally exploited the confusion in UmuEzeAroli and sided with Mr Onyejekwe who had a minority support in UmuEzeAroli but a majority support in all the other villages in Onitsha.”

“Mr Melifonwu the Spiritual Head of this noble family, came before the Harding Commission to assert the claims of Isiokweto the office of Obi of Onitsha.  But he made it clear that his family only supports the candidature of Mr Onyejekwe.  My candidate therefore had lost their support.”

[Here Obiekwe makes a transition, using comments about Melifonwu of Isiokwe to address internal conflicts among UmuEzeAroli, under a heading marked “The Adazie”.]

“I have to remark in passing that Mr Melifownu is the spiritual leader of all Chima-Ogbuefi Children today — the children of Aroli inclusive as Aroli was a son of Chima Ogbuefi.  But internally i.e. in UmuEzeAroli exclusively Chief Cude, the Adazie of Onitsha is undisputed spiritual leader.  The Adazie is the tgeatest peace maker umuEzAroli has ever produced.

“We hope that now that the Supreme Court has rendered Mr. J.J. Enwezor politically impotent with regard to his royal amition, bu its Ruling last time, the Adazi will have to reconsider his stand on the whole issue.  He is the only important person in UmuEzeAroli with valuable fuction whose continued boycott of His Highness Onyejekwe I, the Obi of Onitsha, will have effect on the unity of UmuEzeAroli.

“As for others they have little or no functions in UmuEzeAroli and their continued boycott of our Obi cannot disturb the smooth running of affairs in UmuEzeAroli.  Chief Chude has never been a trouble maker but I am certain he is being incited by the professional confusionists in UmuEzeAroli to do certain things.  But if Chude cannot see reason by embarking upon immediate reconciliation with the Obi Of Onitsha then, of course, our people who are prepared to preserve peace and unity in umuEzeAroli will always go over to Mecedonia [sic: Macedonia]2 for a help in spiritual matters (igo-ani-aroli) or Aze or other functions attaching to the okpalaship of UmuEzeAroli.

[Editor: Here I will paraphrase Obiekwe’s discussion, since his allusions become rather complex.  At the Harding Commission Inquiry, according to Obiekwe, Mr Melifonwu testified that during an earlier dispute within UmuEzeAroli, he was invited by a member of Chimedie family (the major and most recent king-bearing subdivision within UmuEzeAroli) to come and perform a ritual that was traditionally the prerogative of Chude Adazie as Diokpala because an internal dispute within the whole group prevented the latter from doing so, and as the higher-level Diokpala Mr Emembolu did perform the ritual.. (This apparently concerned Dennis Inoma’s Ozo-title-taking.)  Obiekwe infers from this case that Obi onyejekwe’s supporters within Umu-EzeAroli have precedent to follow a similar path.]

(13) “Another factor… was the powerful but ineffective attempts by the Olosi people to establish their rights to Obiship of Onitsha.  They had a powerful leader in the person of Chief J.O. Mbamali, the Ajie of Onitsha, and political Head of UmuEzeChima.”  Chief Mbamali “is an intelligent, educated, proud young gentleman” for whom “I have the greatest respect” because of his consistency throughout the dispute, and his responsibility in saying he would accept E. if the Commissioner recommended him. “I think Mr. Harding was impressed by Chief Mbamali.” [Obiekwe adds that “From the outset he refused bluntly to take anything from us (UmuEzeAroli)”, implying they had offered him something to withdraw his candidacy.]

“(14) The role of the  “Obior” people:  Mr Ezeocha [the  Obio  Diokpala] and his people were vehemently opposed to the candidature of Mr Enwezor. The “Udo episode” was complex but it was only Mr Ezeocha who was unanjmously acclaimed by both sides as tthe proper ‘Udo Priest’.

“(15) “Finally, …Mr. Enwezor failed because his case was not adequately presented.  It was our plan that Mr. Oputa of Port Harcourt should lead Enwezor in his evidence and present the whole of his case to the Commissioner.   …It was equally agreed that Chief Ibeziako shoud represent the Nidchie…. But to our greatest surprise the whole arrangement was disorganised when Chief Ibeziako rose in the Commission to say that he was leading the other lawyers for the principal contestants.”  [Editor: Here he merely alludes to this change in the legal staff.  Mr Oputa apparently played no part, while Chief Ibeziako’s performance became injurious  to Enwezor’s case.]  “…other incidental causes of the failure:  The
rigorous cross‑examinations of Mr Enwezor by Barristers NN Anan and Rowland Egonu [in which] they succeeded in bringin out certain facts from Mr Enwezor which must have influenced Mr Harding’s mind.”

“To Be Continued”

[Editor:   The Nigerian Spokesman Newspapers from February `8-21 are missing from my collection, which means that they were lost in the mail.  Apparently at least one further essay was presented, judging by the “To be continued” promise.  My own response to this essay, when I eventually found time to read it, was to to be very impressed with the extent to which he had gained social science sophistication, presumably during his stay at the University of Nsukka (alluded to at the outset of the series.  It was an outstanding effort to analyse and explain the process, and I regret that I didn’t get a chance to see the missing paper (or papers).]


Feb. 22: Ochanja market: four officials of Onitsha Tax Office tortured and stripped naked, bitten and thrown into bush
Editorial: check this violence in Onitsha: why did not policemen help these men?
Art.: “Re‑birth of Fulani Imperialism” ‑‑ Nee‑Ankrah: describes Dan Fodio’s conquest and Ahmadu Bello, his grandson dreams of re‑birth. When NCNC entered coalition with NPC to form federal govt, it was on the basis of “equality and fraternity”. Today, NPC hold many of the important portfolios (listed). NPC “lackeys and stooges” show growing hostility toward the President, Nnamdi Azikiwe. Zik criticized poverty on his tour, offending the Emirs. Zik has done more than any other to bring freedom to this country; could have gone into coalition with the AG.

Feb 25: Thousands cheer Dr. Zik at Onitsha; met by Obi Onyej.
Okwusogu Ogbuoba died Jan 24, age 97; 2nd burial just done. Was “the political head of Ogbeabu Quarter”.
Spitfire: complains of increasing kidnapping of not only children but young ladies in Onitsha. (alludes to “sacrifices” as purpose).

Feb. 26: Census figures out: Okpara urges all to be calm: don’t feel “despondent” over the figures released last monday of 1963 count. “Leaders of the NCNC are equal to the challenge.”
Editorial: Census figures: a challenge to the south. (Spitfire also)

Feb. 28: Census row heightens: monster mass rally in Onitsha
Zik: Be calm.
Land dispute: Obosis attack 8 surveyors near Idemili (Nkpuka lands (UmuAnumudu family of Umuase).
Police arrest four OUCC officials for bribery related to Tax drive.
22 missing persons in Onitsha reported since January this year. Not unusual say police ‑‑ low relative to Abakaliki Province.
Editorial: Onitsha people must respect orders of Obi: Govt Chieftaincy Law forbids any person not recognized as Obi to perform functions of Obi: includes Ozo title, slaughtering cow in second burial.
Businessman returns from Kano, warns NCNC NPC has inflated census to gain control of Federation.

Feb. 29: OUCC Councillor from Ozubulu sentenced to prison for taking bribe
Okpara rejects 1964 Census figures. Art.: Nee‑Ankrah: East should reject figures.

Mar. 2: “Onitsha East traders react: Sword for Okpara// feelings high over census: EN Traders Assn sending telegrams
40,000 protest in Onitsha on census// NCNC rejects census// editorial: reject census
Minister of Local Govt: announces OUCC to be dissolved

Mar. 3: Would‑be Alhaji arrested by Onitsha police for alleged theft.
Editorial: Watch NPC surprise packet
Obi of Onitsha elected Red Cross patron

Mar. 4: Onitsha Zikists urge Okpara: “recarve Nigeria, cut Ibos and Yorubas off North”:
Art.: Rivers state sought, NPC‑NDC alliance aiming to create this for minority tribes of Niger delta.

Mar. 5: Illegal collection of fees in Ochanja market alleged by councillor/leader of OMATA
Okpara brigade: “dissolve Parliament, restore with equal representation from all regions, or secede from North”
Editorial: MDF of NPC calling for declaration of state of emergency in the Mid‑West ‑‑ attacks this.
Spitfire: Chair of OUCC should explain delay tactics for paying the L100 approved for Ofala celebrations.

Mar. 6:

Mar. 7: Onitsha Customary Court: case action of 8 Ozo men from Umuezearoli family Ozo title: denied their just due. (Probably Obiship connected)
Native doctor from Asaba arrested in Onitsha Inland Town kidnapping three boys from 6 to 8 yrs.
art: Nee‑Ankrah: “Go slow, slow Sardauna”; “Until quite recently, I had a fanatical admiration and respect for the Premier of the North”, “But my one‑time idol has disappointed me.” etc.
Court case against Onitsha boys’ masquerade accosting women; ignored Obi’s appeal.

Mar. 9: St.6 results out for Onitsha

Mar. 10: Inland Town: Police warn Ozo man about violating rights of Obi: Mr. J.E. Osemaka, ogbeozala quarters
Art: 50 police stop OZO ceremony ‑‑ Onitsha Agbalanze had decided to boycott; ritual described, Onowu danced; other chiefs listed (Odu, Onya Owelle & 4 others), plus 23 named Ozo men.
editorial: “Bridle them”: Sardauna present while his Minister in NHAssembly ridiculed Zik.

Mar. 11: “West kidnappers invade Onitsha// New ‘juju’ to steal children// man steals child as mother seeks change:” these men stole a 4‑yrold girl from Awka in Onitsha; talisman made girl unconscious, but girl rescued, man beaten unconscious (black thread around girl’s wrist)
Right near above headline: Photo of Akintola; small article below: Akintola forms new political party.

Mar. 12: ‘Kidnap’ rumour: panic at Onitsha ‑‑ in Fegge, stampedes// suspected kidnapper mobbed.
Fani‑Kayode resigns from NCNC, joins NNDP (Akintola’s new party)
Editorial: new friendship pact between NCNC and AG ‑‑ seeks to explain shift after demonizing AG. Spitfire hails it too.

Mar. 13: Man from Abeokuta, mistaken for kidnapper, battered to death in broad daylight by irate mob. Arrived in Onitsha from Benin 4 days ago to visit his sister.
Police warn Onitsha against mob attacks.
Onitsha, Obosi, police to meet on land claim.
[some issues back, Obosis chased police from Anumudu‑litigated land]
Editorial: NCNC test period: conspiracies, etc

Mar. 14: Art: Nigeria’s census figures deadlock

[missing issues here]

April 1: Police, robbers in big battle: 3 police officers seriously wounded: Sokoto Road, Osha: masked robbers terrorized Hausa quarters. The same night at Ogbe-Ijaw beach, two northern Nigerian traders beseiged by masked robbers.
Editorial: OUCC criticized for failing to deal with motion by Ajie to reinforce police in Inland Town

Apr. 2: Chieftaincy candidates in Aguata deadlocked
Hausa tailor tries to sell a Hausa townsman to Ede of Obosi; police arrest Hausa salesman.
Editorial: release Awolowo
Art.: review constitution: more powers to President

Apr. 3: “Govt orders juju shrine out”: The Eastern Nigerian govt has ordered removal of the “Okwute Alusi” shrine on the site of the proposed L50,000 textile factory in Onitsha. Joint venture with UAC. Chief I.K. Bosman, Ede of Obosi, is the chief priest. Compensation of £2,400. Textile factory will cover over 55 acres.
Editorial: Threat of NPC to evict Ibos in the North: false alarm.

Apr. 4: OMATA to boycott the OUCC ‑‑ echo of 1961 agreement: all 7 OMATA councillors will do this if OUCC sidetracks their 1961 agreement giving them representation on Public Health and Market Committees.
Land notice: Oguta road (Ogbeodogwu, Ogboli Olosi, Isiokwe et al)
Whither NCNC? (Nee‑Ankrah) ‑‑ analysis of events leading to emergency in W region 1962 ‑‑ talk of “spies” in NCNC (Fani Kayode and his men who defected) OIU Port Harcourt branch states support of Okpara and NCNC; members and officers listed.

Apr. 7: Ogbunike villagers clash with “prophet” of an Apostolic Church, “Uwaoma”.
Disclaimer: Apr. 4 land notice: signed by Ajie and Ibeziako: conflict within Olosi ‑‑ Amese family vs Okwobie families. This “Iyi‑ukwu” land.
Article: “Enfranchise Nigerian women” ‑‑ deals with Islam, and women

Apr. 8: New Union of traders to be inaugurated in Onitsha; an official of the Ministry of Commerce will attend.
Editorial: NNDP’s violence

Apr. 11: West Afr School Cert results in Onitsha Province doubted: New Bethel in Onitsha one of the schools
Art: Chief Okotie‑Eboh’s loyalty to NCNC questioned by Nee‑Ankrah: amazing liquidation of NCNC in Western region.
Editorial: “Ibos, come together!” ‑‑ the whole tribal exercise in the North and West may be directed against Ibos and the whole East.

Apr. 14: Leaders of OMATA split,

Apr. 15: Premier, 17 ministers visit Onitsha; OUCC to give Okpara cow
Editorial: Tribalism must be stamped out: NPC is being tribalistic in seeking to ban tribal unions in the country
Niger traders petition Prime Minister against high duties.

Apr. 16: Nkpor and Ogidi at war over disputed land
Govt backs Obi Onitsha: recognizes 3 new Red Cap Chiefs installed by Onyejekwe (in March 19 Onowu and 3 chiefs of his faction complained about this installation).

Apr. 18: EN Traders Assn plan to have committees in each town to assist both govt and police in tracking down quackery and illegal hospitals in many markets
Editorial: end this dispute among Omata leaders.

Apr. 21: Provincial Commissioner calls Onitsha red cap chiefs to make peace:
Editorial: Swearing‑in episode at OUCC: govt‑recognized red cap chief not sworn in by OUCC ‑‑ Chairman supported solitary opposition. Case merits argued.

Apr. 23: last Saturday flood: landlords along Onuma st. suing OUCC.
Editorials, articles about floods, roads
Both factions of OMATA meet today to decide fate

Apr. 25: OMATA: councillors Odife & Okonkwo, said to have been voted out, say vote not consitutional.
Letter concerning OUCC and red cap chief installation
Apr. 27: Chairman of OUCC sued by trade union
OMATA problem to be included in Premier’s visit
Editorial: Nigerian “assimilado” or “Civilizado”

Apr. 30: Premier announces govt to remodel Onitsha// to get two industries// Premier goes to Obi of Onitsha today; “All ndichie… including the Onowu, Odu, Onya, Owelle and others are expected to join….”
Editorial: “Let Onowu & others go to Obi’s palace”
Art: “Dr. Okpara is a leader with wisdom, courage & foresight”

May 1: “At Obi of Onitsha’s palace// Okpara speaks on Obiship//
It’s finished: let all join and work”
Okpara’s speech; Obi’s welcome address (read by Kodit Onwuli) ‑‑ expresses gratitude for Provincial Commissioner (S.O. Masi) role.
Welcome address to Premier by OUCC rails against the “perpetual servitude” implied if census results accepted; call for Iron and Steel industry at Onitsha
Editorial: reject the NPC‑NNDP coalition
May 4: Civil action against OUCC by Onitsha plank traders
Obi of Onitsha names Festival Days for 1964
Ogbaru County Council prays to Premier: regroup us into one constituency
Edit: Save Nigeria at census summit
art: dispute in OMATA ‑‑ attacks it;
OMATA replies: 150 members of executive (several articles on OMATA)
Promotion of culture: new “odenjiji dance” in Umudei Quarter

May 6: 20,000 traders rally: OMATA fund of L4850 missing; not accounted for by “sacked” officers
Govt orders: OUCC swear in Onitsha chiefs. Mbanefo Odu has raised objection when they were about to be sworn in on April 18; “one of the chiefs, Iwenofu Omodi did not fulfill conditions by paying his cosomary dues. But he approved by govt.
ENCatholic Council: JM Nwosu, MHA says, do not hide your Catholicism.

May 9: Woman dies after love deal with 4 young men (rape)
Onitsha chiefs: swearing‑in at OUCC
Edit: “Impending disaster”: Nigeria’s last hope of survival; Zik’s words. Art: Zik warns: Nigeria stands at cross‑roads of fratricide (Nee‑Ankrah)
Art: Zik’s radio warning to country’s leaders
(children reported missing)

May 13: Textile Industry manager arrives from UK (Mr. N. Whiteman)
(Children reported missing)
Editorial: Onitsha lacks water!
Land tenure commission: Onitsha lawyer wants it to lead toward socialist state (Football association much in news these days)

May 14: OMATA wins fight: EN Govt recommends all 5 OMATA councillors stay in OUCC public Health Committee.// OMATA traders march on OUCC to protest attempt by council to recognize 2 dethroned OMATA councillors.
Emma Araka, member for Onitsha Urban in Federal House of Parliament, congratulates Zik over siting Iron and Steel industry in Onitsha
edit: “At last, iron and steel!” Hails decision to site it here in Onitsha.
All the traditional Red Cap Chiefs of OUCC (incl Onowu, Mbanefo, Onya, Owelle) witness historic swearing in of Onyejekwe’s chosen chiefs. No boycott from any side.
Art: on Fed police: Dr. PU Okeke, MP. ‑‑ traffic police bribery
OMM Hoteliers Union accuses some of OUCC allow squatters in food‑selling
Spitfire: Imperialist‑owned Daily Express based in Lagos trying to ridicule Dr. Okpara, speaks of “inevitable retribution”.

May 16: Awolowo appeal: 4 men freed.
OUCC wins: court strikes out Plank Traders case
Edit: check West govt
“A cultural show: Otu Ifedimma stages ‘Odenjinji’ tomorrow”// ‘no scramble for Onitsha throne'”: latter is one of the songs to be sung by the “delicate beauties” of this club.
Spitfire writes on “Odenjiji” ‑‑ group led by Akunwafor Areh.

May 18: “Tribalism: a pragmatic instrument for national unity”
(lecture delivered by Zik on 15th at Nsukka) ‑‑ cannot wish away the reality of it, so use it (long article ‑‑ read it!) ‑‑ quotes Peirce on pragmatism; ‑‑ important article for book
SNC Enwezor, Asst Editor of NS now studying in West Berlin, begins series of articles on the Berlin Wall, “jump into freedom”.

May 19: OUCC in news again: seizes kiosks in motor park; Plank Union wins round against them.
Zik on tribalism, continued (long article)

[May 20 missing ‑‑ end of Zik’s article there?]

May 21: Aba businessmen robbers along Benin road, charge Asaba police;
OUCC petitioned: revoke your lease of land near Ochanja market to Okonkwo, former head of OMATA/ / OUCC may face series of actions from traders
Art: Igwe of Nnobi: “Okpara, living symbol of good leadership”; edit: “Okpara must tour Western Nigeria”; Spitfire too

May 22: Akpo vs. Achina people land claim: Supreme court decision (this carried by much earlier NS ‑‑ not clear to me why they cover this one ‑‑ some parallel to Onitsha‑Obosi?)
Art: Lawyers’ services: are there too many of them?
African Continental Bank praised
Spitfire: lunatics on the streets

May 28: U. of Nigeria students assn wires Zik: withdraw your L10,000 donation for library in Onitsha
“Bid to wipe out undesirables ‑‑ 200 free women to be dislodged” (at Hausa quarter ‑‑ also over 40 thieves there).
Open letter to PM: resolution of Arab World Conference aiming to take over all Nigeria for Muslims
Akintola to quit politics?

May 25: Breakdown in Onitsha water supply scheme
200 Free women in Hausa quarter hit back: quit order is inhumane
Police arrest landlords putting up houses at Niger Bridge head site, Fegge.
Open letter to PM: resolution of Arab World Conference aiming to take over all Nigeria for Muslims
Art.: Bribery ‑‑ bane of our society
Open letter to Mr. Chukwuemeka Udenze (from Niger Ward B man)

May 26: OUCC‑managed primary school fraud investigated by CID
Ogidi‑Nkpor land dispute
OMATA to decide about missing fund
KO Mbadiwe saluted by community of Urualla (article)
Party for CC Mojekwu, Attny‑General of EN
Obosi: thanksgiving service for elevation of Michael Oguejiofor Ajegbo as Judge of Federal Supreme Court of Nigeria
Spitfire debate on “iniquity” in today’s world (incl slavery and cannibalism)

May 27: Mysterious black‑clothed stranger jumps into Otumoye stream to escape night‑watch, who becomes paralysed (note interesting headlining of these “supernatural” events, in face of more salient headline:)
Strike scheduled for nation following delay of Federal Government in releasing Morgan Report on salaries and wages
Edit: please come to Onitsha, Cassius Clay
Article: Dr. P.U. Okeke, MP: Overhaul education system
PM decides to split location of iron and steel industry ‑‑ “disgrace”

May 28: OUCC gets ultimatum from Taxi Drivers Union: will withhold daily toll unless taxi park improved
CID studying alleged OUCC scholarship
Edit: Onitsha library
PU Okeke article, continued
Archbishop of WA CJ Patterson: new policy by Anglican Church: challenge of coexistence with non‑Christians

May 29: “‘Okwute Alusi’ juju is to be removed today” (from textile industry site) ‑‑ priest IK Bosman warns non‑natives of Obosi to stay away ‑‑ indigenes of Obosi will do rituals; EN Govt paid L100 compensation.
Edit: calls for protection of Zik’s statue at roundabout ‑‑ lunatics home at base, attacks on the statue by them.
Art: criticize decision to split iron and steel industry (Idah the second site).

May 30: High Court halts OUCC debate over motion to revoke leasing of land near Ochanja mkt to Okonkwo, OMATA councillor
Art: “Osadennism”: Crusaders launched at Asaba ‑‑ an ofshoot of NCNC.
Okwute alusi: Ogbo family of Umuase warns Ede of Obosi about judgment concerning Ugborumili land, where this alusi located. Don’t abuse hospitality given by Ogbo family to Ede.
Zik wires to say he will not withdraw donation for Onitsha library.
Udenze says building of library not in OUCC hands.
Art.: Mbadiwe advocates constitution allaying fear of domination
Obi of Onitsha writes OUCC about Zik’s statue
June 3: more than 5,000 in strike in Onitsha: nation‑wide strike over delay (see above)
Okpara in Ibadan; top security measures taken
Art: FC Ogbalu: special school for richmen lands Nigeria in chaos (2)
Obi Onyejekwe has restored powers to Osita‑dinma

Jun 4: Chairman Udenze of OUCC given ultimatum to return legal fees paid himin case now pending between OUCC and Mgbelekeke family.
Ogbalu art., cont’d
Obas have sent Okpara ltr to cancel “meet the people” tour in West

Jun 5: Controversy between RCM and CMS in Nteje: mob invades CMS school
Open letter to Udenze: NCNC Niger Ward B
12 Obosi landlords at Otu Obosi, Fegge, charged with trespass on Niger Bridge head state land.

Jun 6: 200 “free women” arrested ‑ ‑ brothel (local hotels)
17 OUCC councillors vote confidence in Udenze
Art.: SNC Enwezor on Berlin wall, contd

Jun 9: Armed robbers raid Niger City Hotel Onitsha, shoot clerk
Head feather on Zik’s statue missing
Nation‑wide strike continues for 10th day
“85% of fresh fish sold in Onitsha come from Anam”
Osha Prov. Member calls for dissolution of OUCC

Jun 8, 1964: “Peace and unity in sight in Onitsha ‑‑ Onya cancels ime obi action against the Obi” ‑‑ one‑year‑old action has collapsed as Onya and Chude Adazie withdraw from suit against land where Obi now uses as his official palace at Ogbeozala. Two say they are satisfied with judgment (March last year ‑‑case dismissed.
Obi: Onitsha will offer land to Fed Govt for building $30,000,000 Iron and Steel Industry in Onitsha.
Edit: “National disaster!” ‑‑ Balewa holidaying during the current national strike. Article on strike also
Borromeo hospital blessed ‑‑ new Onitsha hospital by RCM

Jun 10: “Peace in ONitsha essential” ‑‑ Mbamali Ajie calls for unity, “forgive and forget”.
Nation‑wide strike ‑‑ more articles

Jun 12: robbery at Ochanja ‑‑ stores and hotel
Onitsha traders hit as Onitsha banks get involved (clerks strike also) ‑‑ labor crisis articles

Jun 13: Onitsha traders have lost nearly L15,000 during the 13 days’ strike
PU Okeke article on “best govt”, cont’d
Spitfire: Salutes Onitsha chiefs Onya and Adazie ‑‑ notes Onyejekwe rejected any costs against the chiefs. Urges Osita‑dinma to organize itself now,

Jun 14: General strike called off after 14 days

Jun 16: Onya withdraws suit by umuezearoli for title to Ime Obi
Formal opening of L30,000 Hotel de Plaza, Fegge, Onitsha, East Minister talks about “cankerworms in some hotels”.

Jun 17: Ugborumili land: Privy Council appeal by Obosi dismissed (grant possession, damages, injunction against Obosi pple.)
Edit.: Onitsha OSTRACISM after Obi contest ‑‑ call for unity
Art.: “Protect Zik’s statue” (photo shown)
Advert for “fire prophet of Ogbunike” ‑‑ he is the long expected Christ.

Jun 18: Speech: Conference of Eastern Nigeria Traders Assn
Art.: O. Olieh from Odoje: (Ministry of Town Planning) “Team up with recognized Obi: calls on “pro‑Enwezors” to forget the bitterness etc.

Jun 19: “What is delaying Onitsha L10,000 library?”
Edit: “Terrorist NNDP
Obiekwe Aniweta: “Udenze and legal fee scandal”: attacks Udenze for ignoring issue of rate payer’s money
Ogbo family plans victory dance after Privy Council decision

Jun 20: Speech by PU Okeke
Article: Udenze and OUCC case

Jun 24: 4 Govt Auditors in OUCC
Missing boy of 10 Commission of Inquiry: subversion in Mid‑West?

Jun 26: Edit: Missionaries being discredited in Onitsha; desist ‑‑ RCM and CMS leaders here valuable to us

Jun 27: sensational murder cases
Edit: Go back to the lab, Chike Obi

Jun 29: Big row in OUCC meeting: L5,000 loss in Otu Okwodu
Ajie and Onoli walk out of meeting when council tries to pass vote of confidence in Udenze
Art.: “Civilization”: robbery, quackery, immorality
Edit.: ENCC weekend described

Jun 30: “Soldiers or gang of robbers? Police spread net…”
‘Enyi’ masquerade of Oba at Ogbo family victory dance ‑‑ rare masquerade, also Ukpor “Ojionu” masquerade ‑‑ these two towns neighboring Obosi ‑‑ dance held at Omodi Nzekwu’s compound. Onowu appeared, danced to cheers

Jul 2: Awolowo to serve 10 years in jail; but exonerated by minority judgment (Justice Louis Mbanefo).
4 Nigerian labour leaders charged with planning to overthrow federal govt
Hausa man described by police as “Chief of burglars” in Onitsha caught
Art.: “The crimes of our society”

Jul 3: Edit: Fed govt and census (Supreme Court has dismissed EN Govt challenge)

Jul 4: “Onoli gets another doctor” (3 sons now have doctoral degrees)
Headlines heavy on people being killed

July 7: OUCC given 30 days to pay damages to Onitsha traders
Udenze suit ‑‑ he files counter motion
Edit: NPC should speak out, save its name.
Salute Pres. Lyndon Johnson in USA for civil rights bill

July 8: Onitsha students of commercial school attack native doctor who sold them failing football charm for their team

July 9: CMS Iyi‑enu to be specialist hospital L412,000

July 10: attack on TOS Benson (Fed. Minister of Information)

July 12: Ogbeabu internal dispute: family land on Enugu road

July 14:

July 15: scuffle between OUCC and Motor union members at Ochanja Motor Park.
PU Okeke exorts CKC youths to live well
July 16:

Jul 17: Edit.: Law and order in Onitsha: OUCC vs Nigerian Motor Workers Union
Art: Ministry of information suppression

Jul 18: Udenze wins case against Okonkwo of OMATA.

Jul 21: gunman at Awkuzu shoots man and woman
Federal elections expected in less than 4 months: Okpara says NCNC strategic plans will be kept secret

Jul 22: Ugborumili land: Niger Bridge Head site, Fegge: traders allocating plots illegally
Nnewi Youth League offers 24 scholarships to youths of Nnewi
Edit: on forthcoming elections, no. of seats to Onitsha division being cut ‑‑ NPC plot

Jul 23: “Gunman hangs dead” (Awkuzu man who shot two people, found hanging)

July 24: Refuse and drainage problems in Onitsha
OUCC rift cont’d

Jul 25: OUCC‑OMATA fight Udenze‑Okonkwo goes to Fed. court
Chike Obi: no to math, yes to politics
Art: NCNC‑AG alliance

Jul 27: OUCC workers attacked, ask for protection: violent traders breach peace
Edit.: Northern Govt newspaper exposed by Zik (attacking him) Art: Zik: “the path of honour for me”
L50,000 herbal hospital to be sited in Onitsha

Jul 28: Six Obis in Asaba bound over for good behavior over forthcoming “Ulo” festival
Fake policemen in Onitsha Fegge robbing people
Edit: violence against OUCC officials ‑‑ market problems
Art: by Northern Govt newspaper on “faithless Easterners” who have “committed sacrilege and blasphemy”, “ignoramuses” ‑‑ refers to “Allah’s” actions; ‑‑ very much labeling occurs
Art.: by Ekwerekwu: “onslaught.. on the entire Ibo people as a tribe”, Ibo victims beaten up in Census ‑‑ etc.
Spitfire on Zik and “Grace of Allah”

Jul. 30: Art: NPC paper “brays” as NPC sinks

jul. 31: Osha Court: OUCC market masters have no power to seize traders’ goods (concerning traders’ assaults on market master
Spitfire: NPC’s intention now clear; Zik a “Giant among liliputians”
Aug 1: Art.: “Halt this tribal disharmony”
counterfeiting house in Fegge found
Issue over whether to spend for Osha Town Hall now, cont’d (also on jul 31)

Aug 4: No more Onitsha Urban for next Federal Election ‑‑ only “Onitsha Urban Rural” ‑‑ Onitsha division only has 4 Federal constituencies
Nnewi welcomes Nwafor Orizu, CC Mojekwu

Aug 5: OUCC to push out motor unions from parks (where they collect tolls)
Edit.: “Axe falls on Onitsha” (loss of seat)

Aug 6: Expelled NCNCers readmitted (expelled after 1962 East Regional Parliaamentary elections ‑‑ all 4 are Independent members for Onitsha in EHA ‑‑ JM Nwosu, et al

Aug 7: NCNC Onitsha protests merger of seat for Federal elections; Edit. on subject too

Aug 8:

Aug 10: Robbers at Ochanja, Benin Road

Aug 11: big flood in Fegge
Fed Election up! Up!
Edit: expelled NCNCers
Art: NCNC rules Nigeria alone or goes into opposition

Aug 12: Edit (FP): against reducing Onitsha Divsion to 4 constituencies;
Crime wave! Police strength in Onitsha to be raised (edit. too)

Aug 13: Edit. of 12th continues
Fire Prophet L556 stolen from CLhurch

Aug 14: Osha Division scholarships from EAst Govt
edit. of 12th continues

Aug 14: Federal election! NCNC nomination ends today
Archbishop of Canterbury coming to Onitsha

Aug 17: Obi Onyejekwe celebrates Umato feast ‑‑ Ogene, Ojudo, present (no mention of Ajie)

Aug 18: art: decline of Olu towns

Aug 19: The one‑year rift of OMATA officers: court case against Okonkwo and Odife for recovery of L5,000
Edit: Federal “Delimitation Commission” (aiming to delimit constituencies) rushing its task ‑‑ not clear why

Aug 20: Chuba Ikpeazu becomes Judge of Federal Supreme Court (apptd by Nnamdi Azikiwe).
Nnewi History, by John Alutu: CC Mojekwu hails it
Aug 21: OUCC rate drive: on all vehicles ‑‑ only L1,000 collected; 40,000 outstanding
The 3 Onitsha Motor Unions will support NCNC candiates
RN Muojeke, MP: address on current Nigerian politics

Aug 22: Federal elections! Onitsha traders to close up ranks// Hundred per cent victory assured NCNC at the poll

[Aug 23 ‑30 missing]

Aug 31: EN Govt reduces OUCC powers to Second Class County Council rank ‑‑ based on “integrity, efficiency…”
Edit: discusses NCNC current coalition with NPC

Sep 1: OUCC: 133 men get pay, only 30 working on Onitsha roads
Edit: ridiculous classif of OUCC as second class
Art: Fegge Catholics kiss relic of St. Jude
Udenze: OUCC raised to 2nd class from no‑class

Sep 2: Armed men grab L2,000 ENDC pay at Arochukwu
salute to Chuba Ikpeazu, now Judge of High Court Lagos

Sep 3: Minister speaks on OUCC classification
Edit: final census figures: should be rejected

Sep 4: FP Edit: truth out now about classif of councils: OUCC disgraceful. Onitsha needs a shake‑up.
Arts: “feudalistic NPC”; “Arab imperialism”

Sep 5: OUCC “road laborers” not missing, just absorbed as messengers in various offices
FP Edit: “North vs. South”
Art: West must go to polls or…

[Sep 6 to Oct 4 missing]

Oct 5: Obi of Onitsha’s ofala is today

Oct 6:

Oct 7: Obi of Onitsha’s second Ofala: Asika Ede, Bosah Ike, Nzekwu Omodi, Araka Ojiudo, Onuora Eseagba, Nwokedi Ogene, Iwenofu Omodi, Onwuta Osuma, Mbamali Ajie, (photos shown)

Oct 8: Onitsha textile factory to begin in sept.

Oct 9: OUCC: sack town clerk (Mr. CO Okoli)
Onitsha Urban: Who’s who in Fed. elections: PO Balonwu

Oct 10: Onitsha market: suspected thief stoned to death
Edit: Second Ofala of Onyej: all age‑grades took part; need to do more for town.

Oct 13: Osha Fed. Election nomination: PN Okeke says he is not backing any particular candidate NPC tie with Chike Obi: big joke, says PN Okeke
CMS speaks: church vs. native burial: Archdeacon B.C. Nwosu deplores tendency of heathens to contest right of Christians to be buried with Christians
Onitsha Urban candidates: Who is Gregory Chuke?
Ikem Omekam made Onitsha chief, Agba

Oct 14: OUCC bribe: police call in Major Azike: 18 new posts
Onitsha Urban candidates: Who Is PU Okeke
Zikist movement: don’t interfere with NCNC nominations

Oct 15: Onitsha Motor mechanics will offer free services to UPGA campaign vans for Federal elections
Federal Onitsha candidates: Who is AO Osemeka (Onitsha man)

Oct 17: OUCC: caretaker council to be formed;
NCNC nominations for federal elections Oct 20
Edit: about UPGA
Igwe of Ogidi holds Ofala today.

Oct 19: Onitsha Urban: who is FO Ndiwe?

Oct 20: Okpara opens a Central Bank in PH
PO Balonwu selected again for Onitsha Urban.

Oct 21: “NCNC Fed elections in Onitsha: Nomination flops//
postponed indefinitely due to irregularities” (listed by head of 6‑man Committee ‑‑ most voters had no signed NCNC credentials
Description of Ogidi Obi’s Ofala. Mbamali Ajie attended, IK Bosman of Obosi too.

Oct 22: Police discover abortion clinic (“another”) ‑‑ students in Onitsha commercial college
Who’s who in Federal elections: FFBC Nwankwo

Oct 23: new gang of masked night marauders captured
NCNC nomination in Onitsha drags on
FC Ogbalu tells of his Parliamentary stewardship in Parliament

Oct 24: Ediboss to be capped as Ojiba of Onitsha

Oct 26: Onitsha Urban nomination now Oct 31
ONitsha‑Awka divisions: Fed elections: NN Annah
Edit: “Babarians of the North”

Oct 27: FU Mbakogu as candidate

Oct 28, 1964: RN Muojeke as candidate
The great day that Edibos became chief ‑‑ Age 52, educated at St. Mary’s Onitsha, completed DMGS in 1931, started life as an Agricultural Officer, worked in various stations in the North, then later resigned from civil service and took to private business. He is now a merchant, landlord, transport owner, proprietor of Luna Rosa Hotel.
NCNC Secretariat Onitsha: fund reaches L2,000 ‑‑ names of donors given

Oct 29: Art: NNA is incongruous mixture: provocative/ cowards/ imitators/ savagery

Oct 30: Nomination order: today
Who’s who in fed elections: Emma Araka, FO Ndiwe, PO Balonwu, PU Okeke, JO Nwankwu (photos of all)

Oct 31: JO Nwankwu the winner; Balonwu, Chuke withdraw (give reasons
Boos, stones greet Chike Obi as he tries to launch his Dynamic Party campaign at the Market Square, Onitsha

Nov. 2: OUCC troubles continue
Edit: Chike Obi: will he learn a lesson

Nov 3: Sect of Christ the Chosen Mission, Onitsha Thanksgiving service ends in free‑for‑all fight

Nov 4: Edit: NNA Manifesto

Nov 5: Ogbaru Council removed to new town; all councillors resign
Art.: “Atrocities in the North” (several articles)

Nov 6: Open murder in Onitsha
4 masked men: trial
Edit.: The atrocities in the North
North campaign: 95 UPGA men arrested at gunpoint

Nov 7: Masked robbers in Onitsha High Court trial

Nov 9: Obi of Onitsha urges Govt to enforce court judgments in land disputes
Edit: Stop it, Sardauna
Christ the Chosen disciples Mission Church, Onitsha fight over Church fund.

Nov 10: Marriage of two prominent Onitsha families
Nov 11: High court: Ogbo family, Onitsha sues EN govt for L 3 million over 397 acres of land acquired 4 years ago for Niger Bridgehead and other development. Suit in High Court under names of OModi, Onowu
Art.: Dr. M.I Okpara lecture on “pragmatic African Socialism”

Nov 13: more trouble in OUCC
Edit: Dr. Chike Obi: NO!
Nov 14: Govt set up Rescue Committee to help OUCC arrest deterioration
Onitsha Indigenes strike: give one seat in Onitsha Urban to indigenes
Art.: NPC‑DP alliance: an unholy marriage

Nov 16: Gun shots fired at UPGA minister in North
edit: OUCC and staff

Nov 17:

Nov 18: Zik’s 60th birthday

Nov 19: Campaign peace agreement

Nov. 20: “Onowu, Odu, Onya, Owelle in Court ‑‑
Obi of Onitsha and minister of local govt sued//
Red Cap Chiefs also sued”
(two civil actions include 5 newly installed Onitsha Red Cap chiefs ‑‑ restrain the new chiefs from acting as chiefs. They claim: declaration that the Obi is not entitled to appoint a chief without consultation with plaintiffs; these are not chiefs.)
Another row in OUCC
Art.: “Zikism is a religion”

Nov 21: Federal election fraud: in NPC
Art.: Liberal democracy or feudal autocracy?

[Nov 22 to 30 missing]

Dec 1: Onyeachonam speaks on opening of new sections of his hospital

Dec 3: Man sold for L100 to Ede of Obosi, but police foiled the deal

Dec 4: “Ibo national day saturday: markets & shops close tomorrow for all Ibos in Onitsha”

Dec 5: KO Mbadiwe: launches “Operation totality”

[Dec 6‑13 missing]
Dec 14: OUCC meeting: riot broke out over alleged fraud
Art: PO Balonwu, Onitsha indigene’s candidate for Onitsha Urban: makes case

Dec 15: NCNC vows Inland Town indigene will be future candidate

Dec. 17: OUCC meeting flops with walkout
Edit: Election: warning!
Akunnia Mbanefo buried ‑‑ age 85. “played a leading role during the ONitsha Obiship tangle…”

Dec 18: Oguta: 5 NNA thugs shot during clash between supporters of a certain political party and NNA
Dec 19: NOmination ends today
Art.: PN Okeke: Dr Chike Obi betrays Onitsha
nominees listed
OUCC chairman Udenze: not aware of L1,2oo deal with OUCC

[Dec 20‑23 missing]

Dec 24: PN Okeke: Federal election: “The battle line is drawn”
Big Inland Town rally: ”
Onitsha indigenes hail NCNC team”

[Dec 25‑27 missing]

Dec 28:

Dec 29: Umudei thrills Onitsha ‑‑ ‘Odekanja’ masquerade

Dec 30: “Controversial Fed. eleciton today ‑‑ Bello & Akintola boycott Zik’s meeting”
UPGA boycotts today’s election ‑‑ several articles
Onitsha community unanimously voted no confidence in Dr. Chike Obi

Dec 31: East and Mid‑West boycott election (half of newspaper missing)
Art.: “What terrible masters these NNA would be if…”

Nigerian Spokesman 1965

Jan 2:  1964 Federal election:  Electoral Commission in deadlock:  3 of 5 members of Fed. Electoral Commission have resigned.
Onitsha Division wires Zik:  We are behind you.  Chair OUCC Udenze, signs.
Aguleri‑Umuleri riot:  Police searching for parties.  Dispute arose over display of the “Ada” masquerade on a common play ground.
Fire Prophet Odili Nwajuani (45), founder of the Uwaoma Church, has been charged with murder of a leader of a rival Apostolic Church.
Gabriel Mbonu:  “What terrible masters these NNA would be if…. (contd)
Edit:  UPGA greeted appeal of Hon. Dr Okpara to boycott the 1964 Fed. elections with discipline and loyalty.  Now, glaring injustice
Obiekwe Aniweta:  “Onitsha indigenes are for UPGA provided our ministers are more tactful:  Hon PN Okeke statements alienate  Onitsha indigenes sympathy for NCNC.  I do know Mr Nwankwu, the UPGA candidate for onitsha Urban constituency, is greatly loved by Onitsh Indigenes.  He has helped us.  [Note:  Aboh man.]
So let us forget the old Onitsha and non‑Onitsha Ibo dispute.  Politicians use it as ladder to exploit ignorant masses.
Ikem Ikobi, chief reporter of NS, goes on 3 week leave to Lagos, etc.

Jan. 4:  Archbishop Heerey:  soon EN Roman Catholics will soon manage their own affairs.  Opening Awkuzu Parish.
Veronica Akwe sends congratulatory message to Okpara:  tremendous success of your wise boycott of the election.
Igwe Oduah (Akili) tells Zik:  god is with you.

Jan. 5:  Riot at Aguleri, Umuleri last December:  4 killed, 300 arrested.  Firearms banned, police guard.
OUCC fails to secure ownership of Otu‑Okwuodu water front; Mgbelekeke wins; injunction against OUCC trespass;  legal grounds given.
3 men of Uwaoma church charged with Ogbunike kidnapping.
Nnamdi Azikiwe broadcast to nation (but withdrawn):  “Events have proved my fears were founded”
Edit:  “Thank our stars” for giving the Fed. republic a national hero and stateman (Zik):  but for his wit, the country would have erupted; stalemate that beclouds the country.
Balewa’ speech (also withdrawn):  “let’s avoid bloodshed.”

Jan. 6:  “Crisis resolved ‑‑ Zik re‑appoints Abubakar PM ‑‑ National Government to be formed.”  Abubakar has promised “to appoint a broad national government.
“UPGA welcomes a national government.”
Zik:  “My fears were founded, cont’d
Edit:  if this is to work, UPGA and NNA should agree on party representation.
Jan. 7:  Teams of OUCC Tax officials swoop on traders in road blocks ‑‑ 500 men detained.
Edit:  agreement “cannot, repeat, cannot, be mistaken to be victory of feudalism against democracy….”
Ofala feast at Abagana:  4th annual.

Jan 8:  Archbishop of Canterbury due Onitsha today; RCM ARchbishop to join welcome party.
Edit:  So far, the agreement between President and PM does not meet the wishes of the UPGA; cancel past elections; peace likely to be shattered.

Jan. 9:  Zik and Okpara coming to Onitsha for opening of L500,000 Borromeo Hospital.
Mokwugo Okoye:  “… it is far from certain that our cowardly retreat of today will preserve the national unity and equality….”
Edit:  notes that RBK Okafor resigned from the Zikist movement because of Zik’s apptment of Sir Abubakar; NS defends the decision.  [Onwuegbuna is Managing Editor].

[no newspapers Jan. 10 to 17th]

Jan. 18:  Borromeo opened; Obi of Onitsha Onyejekwe, PN Okeke present; Zik sends message etc.
Chief Ejike Chidolue: “AFtermath of fed. election 1964”:  I disagree with those who say the boycott was a mistake.  But NNA acted illegally, and many innocent Nigerians lost their lives and properties, esp. in Northern Nigeria.  Attacks RBK Okafor (who resigned Zikist Movement; .

Jan 20:  EN govt urges court to suspend action by Ogbo family against it, claiming sum of over L3 million in compaensation; Govt has not paid for acquisition of Ugborumili land (Niger Bridge site.)  PO Balonwu for Ogbo family:  case has lingered for 2 years; Agbu:  we have invited witnesses from all over Nigeria.
Akunne MN Chukwurah, an Onitsha based licensed surveyor, feted nearly 500 guests marking opening of his L15,000  building at No. 11 Anazonwu st.  Guests:  JO Mbamali Ajie, ONyej. chiefs, MO Ibeziako; et al.

Jan. 22:  Chief PN Okeke replies to S. Ogbuli, who addressed him a letter asking if there was going to be an organized hooliganism to hoot at President Azikiwe if he came to Onitsha for opening ceremony Borromeo:  PN Okeke says some people lately use talismanic name of Zik, then hide under his name to evade the retaliation of adversaries.  “This country is ever grateful for the great contributions of this great son of Africa, the events of the last few weeks notwithstanding.”

Jan. 23:  KO Mbadiwe:  Our president is symbol of Nigerian unity:
Memorial:  Okwusogu Ogbuoba, died 24 Jan 1964.

Jan. 26:  [whole paper taken up with Churchill’s burial ‑‑ biog given]
Jan. 27:  Okpara off to Benin:  NCNC, AG may form one party.
Ogbuli replies to PN Okeke:  not much content.
Health Specialist says “irresponsible citizens spoil Onitsha, not the OUCC” ‑‑ replies to article blaming OUCC for poor sanitation of Onitsha.
Obi of Onitsha advises OUCC: be more alive to duties, esp improve roads in Inland Town, Fegge, Waterside.

Jan. 28:  25,000 UPGA jailed in North, says Nzeriba Orunta, National organising Secty of the Okpara Youth Brigade, calls on PM Balewa to probe these allegations:  southerners, esp. “Ibos” in northern Nigeria.  NPC northernisation policy has terminated over 98,000 southerners in Northern Civil service, firms, etc.
Regional Govt has cancelled 18 new appointments at OUCC
Edit:  “That Agulu Madonna tragedy”  ‑‑ Madonna Catholic Mission incident involving mass protest of adherents against continued retention of a resident Parish Priest is a tragedy ‑‑ when Africans are striving to project the African personality to the outside world….  Rev Fa. A Anyichie should guide his future behavior.
Richard W. Harding, Obiship Enquirer, to retire ‑‑ brief biography given.

Jan. 29:  Prov. Secy, Chairman of Onitsha Town Planning Authority Mr. RJ Graham accused people of Onitsha of contributing to the rapid deterioration of town sanitation because of “their selfish and thoughtless behavior” ‑‑ filling the drains with noxious rubbish.
Edit:  Arrest those who throw rubbish into gutters.
Taxicabs will no longer operate in the township after midnight, say over 500 members of the Onitsha Taxi Driver’s Union ‑‑ too many robbers.

Jan. 30:  Akpo‑Achina Riot Inquiry report must be released, says lawyer:  land dispute ‑‑ 8 people reported killed Apr. 1, 1963:  “Collective Punishment Ordinance” provided for the Inquiry ‑‑ if such rioting is left unpunished, similar riots will follow.
*  PO Balonwu:  PN Okeke attacked me and Indigenous Onitsha at Fegge, then in Obikporo IT, in Dec 21, 22 1964 UPGA Campaign:  he climbed into eminence by leading Onitsha and non‑Onitsha dispute; he claimed I said that Onitsha people are superior to non‑Onitsha which is a wicked lie.  Then in Jan 22 1965 he spoke of some people gaining political support with the “talismanic name of our great Zik” etc.:  since he seems unaware of my contribution to Nigerian politics, I will set aside humility:  biog given:  ’44 joined NCNC, ’45 under Secy of Trade Union Congress ‑‑ organized “Domestic Servants” for first time in ’46;  joined in forming NEC in ’49; arrested during UAC country wide strike, etc, etc.  He calling me a “tribalist” is silly:
“I am both a nationalist and an internationalist, having specialised in International Law….  I believe that Nigeria is one country and must remain united.”
When chief compared Onitsha with PH, Aba, Enugu, he failed to grasp that Onitsha is not the same category with these towns:  Onitsha people cannot stand for election outside Onitsha, unlike their counterparts who can do this in their home towns. *
Edit:  bids goodbye to Mr. Harding ‑‑ sense of humour, high sense of responsibility, “hard”ness, constancy.

Feb. 1:  Edit:  life of present OUCC coming to end after over 3 yrs of service/disservice to this community:  lobbying by intending candidates has already begun.
David Alozie:  “To be or not to be ‑‑ the Federation of Nigeria” ‑‑ a federation is doomed where the independence of the courts is threatened; and contentiousness undermines reservoir of goodwill between the regions.
Dynamic Party wants army to go to Owerri:  Mr. C.I. Nwapa, Dynamic Party/NNA candidate, alleges police there have become instruments of oppression.  Sam Ifeka, East regional secy of Propaganda and Spiritual Education of the DP, and Douglas Molokwu, Exec officer etal also at press conference.

Feb. 3:  Agulu Rev. Father removed to Awka Parish; Agulu pple no will have to travel about 10 miles to Awka for confessions or other sacraments.
Onitsha Muslims ‑‑ 500 gaily dressed Hausas and Yorubas mark first day of Id‑El‑Fitr feast;  open air service at Hausa quarters;  leader, Chief Alhaji Umaru Yushau, rode on horse back.  Roads marched indicated.  Chief advised all to be law‑abiding, commended Zik And Balewa in averting bloodshed.  Hausas in Onitsha should contribute towards success of NCNC Govt in EN.  (Yoruba leader ditto.)
Edit:  criticizes OUCC for paying L7,000 for dumping ground, few acres of land;  why such a huge sum?  Wasn’t land originally offered free?  Slash this sum.
VE. Eze calls for peace between PN Okeke and PO Balonwu.  When Ibo National Day was recently celebrated, His Highness JO ONyejekwe presided with the acclamation of ALL AND SUNDRY in the community!  So unity has been achieved.  Let’s have peace.
Spitfire:  OUCC plans to march to Minister to complain about turning down their decision to employ 18 new officers.  Why?  Life of council ends in March.

Feb. 4:  Govt to zone Onitsha into 500 areas; Town Unions to take up clean‑up services.
[Photo captioned “Nigerian soldiers in Congo” ‑‑ reviewing troops at parade.]
About 8 Councillors of OUCC have declined to run for re‑election:  Vice‑Chairman Barrister JC Anyaduba (won’t have time), et al.  Local Gov. Commissioner for Onitsha Mr. RJ Graham said not certain whether “Caretaker” Council might be installed.  Bill  from Parliament awaited to decide elections.

Feb. 5:  Mr. S. Bosah congratulates all indigenous sons of Onitsha for contributing quota to formation of the Federation of Onitsha Age Grades ‑‑ will support NL&C, promote unity/peace.

Feb. 6:  Onitsha citizen calls for Lagos CID probe for OUCC;
“3 lawyers say no to OUCC” ‑‑ incumbents who will not stand.     RW Harding praised in Pt. Harcout send‑off.
200 Onitsha traders along Nottidge St. mob 2 Health Officers and 10 OUCC laborers who seized valuable goods from the traders during clean‑up campaign.  Goods however taken to OUCC premises.
[Articles on “Onitsha clean and tidy”, cont’d]

Feb. 8:  Onitsha ‘Ozo’ title case non‑suited in Chief Magistrate Court:  15 guineas costs against Akunnia Mbanefo (now deceased) & 7 other Pltfs:  action first in ONC against Joseph Osamaka et al who put himself up as Ozo man without giving them shares; Customary court found for them, but case non‑suited because ONC didn’t give amount due.  Case may go back to ONC.
Edit: Catholic & CMS exploring means of “unity”, but here certain people are carrying a whispering campoaign bound to sabotage the noble efforts.

Feb 9:  “Sensational Onitsha burglary trial in High Court” ‑‑ residence of Madam Anatogu burgled, L1,000 worth taken
Edit:  calls for religious tolerance, specifically of Moslem practices.

Feb. 10:  “Big fraud again in OUCC”:  CID finds forged receipts for capitation rate payers ‑‑ discovered during intensive rate drive for recovery of L30,000 arrears.  CID men have stepped in.
Four judges of ONitsha Native Court complain over contempt expressed by Onitsh‑practicing lawyer  [judges:  FC Nwokedi, RE Melifonwu, JN Offiah, TB Akpom]
ARticle:  “Legalising abortion.”
Edit:  “That crazy fashion”  discusses “guys” as American derived, bad style of person.

Feb 16:  “Ex‑Onitsha Town Clerk Ikeme dies” ‑‑ John Onuorah Ikeme, Secty of the Ikwere County Council in Ahoada and former OUCC Town Clerkl, died in Onitsha General Hospital after brief illness; aged 56.  Biographical details given.  “A street now bears his name in the township….”  (accomplishments during his regime given ‑‑ electricity in ONitsha, Main Market counstruciton.  Mourners listed with occup.
Hon. Minister of Justice and Attorney‑General EN Mr. C.C. Mojekwu honored at cocktail partly arranged by LN Nsoedo, Chair of EN Traders Assn.  Many prominent attendees.

Feb. 17:  “Fake VIP money hunters:  big fraud net in Onitsha:  Name of premier used for L2,000 haul”:  Commissioner for OP, Chief SO Masi, alerted O community about highly organized fraud:  3 persons duped by fraudulent “VIP”s claiming that they would give money provided them to the EN Premier and his ministers to appoint the giver to various boards and corporations ‑‑ used fake telegrams.  Those so far duped were “men of substance and integrity”.
Edit:  “toppling of two pillars in Onitsha”:   death of Mr. Nwabufo Uwaechia and Mr. John Ouorah Ikeme ‑‑  “Who fortified the position of Onitsha when threats to its existence were a common occurrence?”  ..these lion‑hearts…  defended their place of birth, now leave a vacuum hard to fill.       Atani Njikoka Union Onitsha Branch accorded its executive member, Mr. DO Okiah, Sub‑Editor of the NS, a send off to Lagos where he will do a diploma course in journalism at U. Lagos under the Africa Journalist’s Training Scheme.  Supporters:  SNC Enwezor, Assistant editor of NS, JO Nwankwu (Okaa Lord), et al.  Onwuegbuna recommended Okiah for the course.  Chair of Ogbaru County Council says whole Ogbaru should be proud of him.

Feb. 19:  Fed. Govt’s L30 million project:  Onitsha up:  Iron and Steel industry fight ends:  land acquired, work already begun.
Site:  south of Niger Bridgehead Layout, Onitsha.  Govt’s acquisition published in EN Gazette Dec. 3 1964.  Land Officer Mr. L. N. Ajaelo:   Appeal to all landlords having any interest in the 3 pieces of land to report to Onitsha Land Office for necessary interview, study plan of area at leand office.  Warning:  not development on any of this land.
Citizens of Nkpor (25,000), strongly protest proposal of OUCCL to lease 35 acres of land for conservancy trenching ‑‑ from Michael Nweze for L7,000.  Present site bad:  close to town and Nkpor Eke Market.
Edit:  “The new Oba of Lagos:  a lesson in chieftaincy fight”:  describes interregnum and litigations of Lagos throne ‑‑ nearly 20 years of sacrifices ‑‑ loss of money, etc.  Gives some biography.  Participants in chieftaincy disputes elswhere should train themselve sto fit Prince Oyakan’s frame.
15 join the Okaa Society: names given.  [Note:  this is the first notice of this type since the beginning of this year.]

Feb. 20:  New L500,000 bus service to open in Onitsha ‑‑ OUCC will introduce, 50 buses to be maintained by council.
Ghanaian High Commissioner Pres Conference in Lagos:  expresses horror at Press vituperations toward Govt and President of the Republic of Ghana:  they speak of “President Nkurmaha’s Concentration Camps”, etc:  National Liberation Movement in Kumasi unleashed reign of terror, forcing Preventive Deterntion Act.  etc.
Edit:  “A Uniform Law”:  can’t talk of “rule of law” in Nigeria because of sharp contrasts in regions’ laws.   Revise constitution while reviewing thes laws.
Major Azike:  (Publicity Secty of Onitsha NCNC): impending Federal election into Nigerian Parliament is more impt. than OUCC elections; so appeals to NCNCers to desist from making public statements about OUCC ‑‑ leave the local election to the NCNC.  At fed level, “vote for ‘Okaa Lord’ Mr. Joe Nwankwu.”
Land officer to meet Onitsha landlords to enable Ministry of Town Planning to determine compensations for the 710 acres acquired for proposed Fed Govt Iron and Steel Industry.

[no papers from Feb. 21 ‑ March 8]

Mar. 9:  “Minister orders OUCC:  no further meetings” after Mar. 31; but no election orders.
Onitsha Community League meeting:  50,000 people of Onitsha had passed vote of no confidence in OUCC, demand Dr. Okpara to institute Inquiry.     Edit:  “East for Easterners, Federation for all”:  last week we spotlighted the denigration of Easterners ‑‑ mainly Ibos ‑‑ by tribalist of North and West, suggested Easterners should work toward Unity.  This is the time.  Look at publications in newspapers:  caricatures, mockery; Prof. Eni Njoku removed; Dr. Okechukwu Ikejiani and Railway Manager Egbuna are facing “firing squads” of thes political annihilators.  Why should East retain open doors?  Sack them.  Why should easterners be disgraced and deprived of their positions and property over there.
Spitfire:  Lagos University has tribal reign:  students have protested; NNDP thugs beat hell out of those students who did not want Dr. Biobaku.
MI Okoye’s OUCC achievements for Odoakpu Ward G.
PC Agbu:  What is Okaa?  (from Lagos)  NS Feb. 19 talks of 15 initiated; mention members styled “Okaa Chief”, “Oka Lord”, “Deputy Okaa”:  showed that members from many parts of Federation streamed in, “all clad in immaculate white”.  What is this society?

Mar. 10:  Akunne James Okwuazi dies in Enugu:  Govt Chief Pharmacist ‑‑ Umudei:  gives biog; age 58:  retired from Govt in 1962, opened a private Drug Company supervising till his death.
Death of Chief Ezeanyigaligbo Nwosu of Otolo Nnewi:  some biog given:  cousin of various Nwosu members (careers noted ‑‑ but not the Archdeacon).
Public Notice:  prohibition of Dane guns, Flint‑lock guns, or cap guns in Aguleri Otu Local Council and Oroma Otu Local Council areas.

Mar. 23:  OUCC election Apr. 28  (no Caretaker Council” ‑‑ it’s no solution to bribery)  ‑‑ elect honest citizens.
Onitsha Age Grade Federation writes Minister of Local Govt:  “we want caretaker council for 1 year”: irregularities and malpractices abound in OUCC.
Edit:  Sardauna of Sokoto on floor of NHA said about his Northernisation policy, “Strangers must pack and go”.  He is the greatest enemy of Nigeria.
Akunne Osemaka dies at 69:  Ogbeoza.  Nigeria Marine from 1910‑48 (retired as Chief Engineer).
JO Nwankwku thanks Onitsha people as elected UPGA candidate for Onitsha Urban (congrats sent him by Dr. Okpara)

Mar. 24:  Detail of Ward Votes in East Fed. election:  JO Nwankwu vs. Chike Obi:  Inland wards:  gives 10 polling stations:  Nwankwu 554; Obi 589 [‑‑ Chike Obi wins in IT wards!].  Compare, e.g.:  Odoakpu wards:  16 polling stations:  Nwankwu 1,953; Obi 219.  (Fegge Wards even more one‑sided, Otumoye, Waterside Chike stronger but still better than 2:1 in all.)
Editorial:  “OUCC election warning”  ‑‑ Dynamic party, NCNC, and ‑‑ strangely ‑‑ OMATA may contend (latter supposedly part of NCNC).  Weigh candidates carefully.  NCNC should make careful selection.
Igwebuike Age Grade society inaugurated last Sunday:  names given.  “Membership is said to be open to male only born from 1924‑26.”  [so:  men of 40s]     Eight joint the Ikame Ichie Society of Nigeria ‑‑ almost 200 members met in Onitsha; a number of rites.  Names given.  Plaza Hotel.

Mar. 25:  CID team from Enugu arrives to quiz OUCC councillors and clerks on forged Capitation rate receipts.
Survey work soon on Iron and Steel factory; eleven families in Onitsha, the Obosi Land Council, and the Okpoku Ofoedu stranger elements have claimed interest in the 110 acres of land.  Land Officer says this won’t interfere with siting.
Aguleri/Umuleri riot described in Onitsha Chief Magistrate’s court:   Dec. 27 last year:  Aguleri villagers lay in ambush when Umuleri celebrated annual Ada festival and masquerades.
Edit:  “OUCC election:  disqualify the old dead horses”. NCNC should look before it leaps.
Spitfire:  Awful things going in  many NCNC Ward Chapters:  cartons of beer cannot buy a good Council ‑‑ it shouldn’t only be the Chairman and Secretaries of these wards who stand.

Mar. 26:  Scandal in OUCC:  two factions threaten blows  (issue: “love deal” in a council school.
Umuleri/Aguleri riot case, contd.
I.I. Ekwerekwu:  “Tribalism constitutes greatest menace to our unity” ‑‑ discusses Fall from time of “our great Zik” when there was no tribalism; talks of case when KO Mbadiwe was attacked about land holdings after he had terminated a certain Yoruba man from Board Membership, replacing him wiht another Yoruba man.
Edit:  Welcomes “Sole Administrator for OUCC” as a “Caretaker” ‑‑ aim to clean up the mess.

Mar. 27:  Edit:  “Don’t resurrect the old OUCC”:  in the name of democracy today much is done in Akintolas quarters, but shouldn’t be done in NCNC.
E. O. Ilozue  (Ag Secty NCNC Onitsha) responds to NS editorial:  NCNC will sponsor candidates:  Executive Committee decided nominations must be made by the ward chapters, those entering must present membership card.  We will not disqualify old OUCC members ‑‑ they are innocent until proved guilty.
Okaa Society picks officers:  many officials listed.

[Mon. Mar. 29 missing]

Mar. 30:  Did OUCC fail or succeed:  Chukwuemeka Udenze’s statements about ONitsha sanitation in 1960, prior to becoming a councillor.
Edit:  “Bye Bye, OUCC (2)”:  OUCC Chairman said he owed no apology to Onitsha; was proud of his council.   Cites his “critical statement against the Obanye Council in 1960”:  roads, gutters smelly; no parks; water supply.  What improvements?
OMATA secy claims L250 tips to kill this association, aiming to control OUCC.
Oaths and Juju meat brought for Ukpor town Local Council election ‑‑ Onitsha CID men swoop in.
Aguleri‑Umuleri riot:  War song sung by over 800 armed Aguleri attackers (says prosecution witness):  “Coward, you must die, coward; if you run into your mother’s belly….; if you run away,…;  if you stay,….”    Villagers from Enugu‑Otu‑Aguleri and Oroma Otu Aguleri suddenly emerged at Otu‑Ocha.
“Alex Mbanefo loses mother”:  she wife of Mbanefo Odu.  Lists survivors and occup.

Apr. 1:  “Sensational burglary case:  Sep 14 burglary at 72 Oguta Road. Accused Anagor Olimma said he knew Madam Christina Okechukwu, one victim; she was Patroness of his Age Grade Society between 1951 and 1962 when he was President; but when they asked her for L8 to exhibit a masquerade dance, she failed to give it to them so they dropped her.  Accused Chike Nwosa said he knew Madam Auzka Anatogu and Madam Okechukwu who lost all their belongings to the robbers.  One accused talks of masquerade apparatus recovered in his home.  Victim said they were held at gun point, whipped with matchets.
OUCC Election:  NCNC nominations Friday (tomorrow) ‑‑ candidates must pay L5 nomination fee; only qualified NCNCrs take part.
Edit:  Bye Bye OUCC (4):  what did the OUCC achieve for 4 years ‑‑ Zik’s Statue (now missing its beautifying Eagle Feather)?

Apr. 2:  Sensational burglary:  Mrs. Christiana Okechukwu shows the judge 6 tiny beads sewn into seams of 6 wrappers recovered by the police from the houses of the 5 accused.  One accused Albert Sokei is a member of Christina Okechuwku’s Age Grade and Otu Ugobeze and Otu Jolly.  Cloth his wife has belongs to me.
Edit:  OUCC nomination:  “Don’t vote in an evil council”
“Work of clearing old OUCC mess begins ‑‑ 100 Illegal stalls in Market demolished”  ‑‑ alleged created overnight by the Roads and Works Committee and the Market Committee of the outgoing OUCC ‑‑ have been demolished by administrators, who invated the Otu‑Okwodu market and pulled them down.  About 200 traders also ordered to quit from the Markettraders also ordered to quit the market.
Dan Ibekwe, that brillian Nigerian lawyer, has been apptd Federal Minister with Cabinet Rank in the Ministry of External Affairs.  This an official acknowledgement of his past sacrifices to the nation.  [list of appointments given on back pages ‑‑ Njoku, Mbadiwe, Wachukwu are “Ministers with Cabinet Rank” (total of 10); Ibekwe w/o portfolio (7); non‑cabinet rank ministers look all Yoruba and Northern except 3 (20); etc.

Apr. 3:  Sensational burglary:  wrappers identified by the women concerned.
Edit:  “What OUCC Onitsha wants”:  change ‑‑ but Chairman to some committee members all rushed in their nomination papers.

Apr. 6:  Sensational burglary:  Madam Anatogu said she put No. 17 on her clothes with ink.

Apr. 7:  Sensational burglary:  One accused ex‑Police Corporal Anthony Egbuniwe said to have later initiated a L120 compensation to victims so their family would not re‑open any investigation.  He a member of Ogbo family, from whom all the victims also hailed.  They claimed to recognize you.  I was on bad terms with Okechukwu because I whipped my son one day and she intervened, so I whipped her too.  [He is sharply questioned about the L120 compensation in lieu of further investigation.  He noted neither the Omodi nor the Onowu initiated any investigation.]
Edit:  “Unity or disintegration?”  Northerners are tring to drive Southerners into a sort of concentration camp in their own homes.

Apr. 8:  Sensational burglary:  long testimonies.
500 members of Nnobi Catholic Youths demonstrated over imposition of unpopular persons appointed by His Grace who have lost confidence of the community.
Edit:  Nigerians and their Head of State:  President of the Federation is above the PM et al ‑‑ they are his lieutenants.  But he is being insulted.No Newpaper or radio comment should be allowed against him.

Apr. 10:  Sensational burglary:  more detail
OUCC:  NCNC nomination winners:  Chairman Chukwuemeka Udenze [Odoakpu F], Chief Whip JC Major‑Azike [Niger A], others listed.
Edit:  OUCC election:  local NCNC nomination process very dubious.
Fifteen join Omeokachie Society:  society propoeses to launch a number of development projects in Onitsha.  Names given.

Apr. 12:  OUCC election ‑‑ 7 unopposed ‑‑ Achukwu Ochanja (Independent), returned unopposed; others:  Stephen Opene; 2 Alhajis (old councillors), et al.  Straight fight between NCNC and Dynamic Party.
Sir Francis Ibiam:  “Nothing wrong with Ozo title taking” (except when connected with “swearing”);
Edit:  “Native ceremonies and the Church”:  Governor’s statment helps if church will yield a bit:  sacrifice of animals.  Etc.
“Open letter to His Grace”:  complaint of imposition of un‑popular men as members of the Church Committee:  we will not accept this  imposition selected by the Parish Priest based at Nnokwa.

Apr. 13:  Sensational Burglary:  accused still trying to explain where they acquired various items of clothing found at their houses.
Muslim Eid‑el‑Kabair festival:  500 gaily dressed Muslims parade along major streets, Alhaji Umaru Yushau rode gloriously dressed horse.  He pays special tribute to Zik, PM, & 4 regional Premiers, thanks Onitsha for not discriminating against anybody.
Ochanja warns new OUCC members:  work for Onitsha.
BCI Ijomah (UN Nsukka):  open letter to Alhaji Pateji, NPC ‑‑ your comments on Zik’s article.  Northern Nigeria policies.
Edit: “Sardauna & Nigeria”:  how timely his “all swim together or sink” statment.  Is it the same Premier whose party has spearheaded Northernisation?
Apr. 14:  “Tug‑of‑War  over Chairmanship of New OUCC” ‑‑ allegation is that some candidate may be supported for Chairman “in spite of their past disgraceful performances” (Mbamali Ajie, former Patron of NCNC Caretaker Comm.).  Let us desist from dirty politics.
Edit:  NS has been an NCNC organ from beginning, but certain people who did not satisfy the town are trying to become overseers.
Obiekwe Aniweta:  “Traders ‑‑ unfortunate victims of Udenze’s regime as OUCC chairman”:  for about 3 1/2 years, malpractice administration of Chukwuemeka Udenze Council.  For certain reasons, the EN Govt could not dissolve the Council, nor set up inquiry.  While landlords groaned under their yoke, traders suffered the most.  We want cleaner hands, no more room for “mgwomgwo eating”.  Remember the famous godly administrations of Messers Ajegbo, Mojekwu and Obanye.  (names other old councillors.)
Candidate for Inland Ward C, Mr. Nwobu Bosah, congratulates Peter Achukwu for eleciton into council ‑‑ he will help resuscitate the good name.
OUCC:  “Onitsha traders to fight the NCNC, says OMATA executive” ‑‑ have broken alliance with NCNC  (Mr. Ifebuzo)
Spitfire:  Owegbe cult in Benin City in Mid‑West:  a blood‑thirsty cult ‑‑ human skull.

Apr. 15:  Edit:  “NCNC, Yes, but…”:  we stand only for thos candidates of NCNC who were not members of late OUCC.

Apr. 17:  Sensational burglary trial:  summary of each side.  3 full pages, describing each accused.

Apr. 20:  Judgement of sensational burglary trial today.
NN Anah speech in Parliamentary debate:  touches on Mfg of ammunition in Nigeria (not in any one region! says he), and on “tribalism” in education.

Apr. 21:  Sensational burglary trial:  (note:  most of the parties are Onitsha Inland Town people)  10 freed; 2 get 14 yrs each.
OUCC election campaign heats up:  NCNC tours wards.
Edit:  OUCC, blah blah.

Apr. 22:  “OUCC & the Community”: by Chief Mbamali the Ajie:
“the life of the most rowdy, inefficent, and corrupt OUCC in the history of the town has expired.”  elaborates in lots of detail ‑‑ talks of town as a person, community.
OUCC:  list of candidates by wards.
Edit:  OUCC Administrators should write up policy to guide OUCC ‑‑ don’t give it a blank cheque.
Onitsha honours Minister Ibekwe:  recent apptnment as Minister of State ‑‑ addressing 800 Onitsha citizens at Ime Obi, at gigantic reception arranged by Obi Onyejekwe I  ‑‑ Mbamali Ajie present.  Given a 12 foot long elephant tusk worth about L100 by Onyejekwe himself.  Ibekwe said “Onitsha was a God‑chosen land….”  Appealed to people to close up ranks, forget past, work with oneness of purpose.

Apr. 23:  “Smallpox breaks out in Onitsha”
OUCC election:  big demonstration:  Onitsha Community League  launches “Operation Liquidation of Old Councillors” for tomorrow’s election.  Peter Achukwu emphasizes how big this demonstration will be.
Speech given Ibekwe by Onitsha community ‑‑ trumpets accomplishment, respectful to Balewa.
OMATA pleads four votes ‑‑ 14 candidates
Edit:  “Our advice is, frankly, total rejection of such former OUCC Councillors….”
Spitfire pushes P. Odeluga and RN Muojeke as prospective Chairman of OUCC.
25 more join Omeokachie ‑‑ leading citizens including a lawyer, WJE Mojekwu  (at Onitsha Guest House):

Apr. 24:  OUCC election today:  “Why you should vote for NCNC” (P Uduaroh Okeke, Scy NCNC):  NCNC in “true democratic spirit” delegated to the wards, executives of these to the “grassroots.”
Edit:  don’t vote by money or clannish interest:  vote for improved roads, clean town
“Election guide” gives candidates for all wards.  17 seats contested, 35 candidates:  5 listed as OMATA candidates, most others non‑NCNC as “Indep.”

Apr. 26:  OUCC elections:  NCNC wins:  Udenze & Azike in.  OMATA won only 1 seat; 3 went to Independents.  (NCNC 22; Indep. 4; OMATA 1; AG 0)  Surprises:  defeat of OMATA candidates CC Ifebuzo [fairly close election in Odoakpu], SE Odife [ran against Udenze & an Indep. in Fegge] .  3 NCNC ex‑councillors too.
Major‑Azike taken to Onitsha Police station for alleged election offense at a polling station.
12,000 of 18,000 registered voters went to the polls. (compare 11,000 at last Fed. election)
Edit:  Those who are Independents in Council ‑‑ Mr. Achukwu esp. ‑‑ must identify self with NCNC or can do very little (can’t get on impt. committees, etc).  He is an acknowledged fighter, about the fittest for present state of OUCC; but declare for the party, to “get more butter for Onitsha bread”.
OUCC Chairmanship:  Stand taken by NS commended ‑‑ pushes Muojeke (former Federal MP; outstanding lawyer).

Apr. 27:  Onitsha traders protest to Mid‑West Govt: alleged illegal collection of “tolls” at Asaba Wharf; large losses claimed.
Okwesili Society of Nigeria rousing send‑off party for member transferring.  over 200 gorgeously dressed members… Names given.

Apr. 28:  Sensational Burglary:  CID from Enugu opens fresh probe into it:  (13 of 16 acquited  though some of the exhibit wrappers found in various houses belonged to the victims.  Senior State counsel called burglary “a shame to Onitsha and a direct challenge to Nigeria.”     F.C. Nwokedi dies in Lagos teaching Hospital; corpse will arrive at Onitsha Marine Wharf today; there to his residence at No. 4 Nwokedi St; then will be taken to Nnewi for interment.
OUCC Chairman chosen today:  “The local NCNC has ordered the return of Mr. Chukwuemeka Udenze as Chairman with Mr. P. Odeluga as his deputy.  Party men, we understand, were told that the Enugu party Headquarters gave the directive.”  We wonder about this ‑‑ why should HQ encourage such favoritism.  “No quarrel with Udenze” or Major Azike:  but “a government free from constructive criticisms is no government at all.”
Russians visit Obi of Onitsha ‑‑ currently visiting parts of Nigeria under auspices of the Soviet Assn for Friendship with African countries.  They also visited Chief Edibos Okoloji.

[Apr. 29, 30 missing]

May 1:  Udenze questioned by Justice HU Kain at ONitsha High Court:  why disrespect court by installing self Chairman of OUCC, despite court order suspending this election.  Judge draws his attention to NS report of Apr. 29, about his activities in Council regarding Court Order served on the council.  (When served, he claimed he was still chair, later proceeded to occupy this seat.)
Udenze:  “I was instructed to act as the Chairman by a letter to me from the Ministry”.
Udenze was late yesterday re‑elected Chairman of OUCC after a big “tussel”  scored 23 votes against Chief JO Mbamali.  Stage 1:  Local Govt Comm. opened meeting swearing in the “four rotational traditional members” (Chief Onoli Ibeziako, Chief Onwuta Osuma, Chief Chude Adazie, Chief Chugbo Akwue).  Stage 2:  Chief Ibeziako stood up, announced he would like the council to be served with the order of the Onitsha High Court.. [don’t quite follow this]  Stage 3:  Udenze said he was personally sent for by the High Court Judge, who made order allowing Council to proceed.  Stage 4:  Ibeziako challenges hiom.  Stage 5: Udenze responds.  Stage 6:  The President of the Council, Igwe Joseph Onyejekwe I cut in and advised both that court shoulc be contacted by Local Govt Commissioner ‑‑ let’s proceed.  Stage 7:  Ibeziako responded, accusing Udenze.  He, Ibezi, had not been notified of todays meeting, despite law stipulating 48‑hour notice.  Stage 8:  Peter Achukwu Ochanja rose to support Ibeziako:  more troubles will come if care is not taken.  Stage 9:  Udenze:  we are wasting time.  Stage 10:  Ibeziako responds.  Stage 11:  Mbamali Ajie:  I received notice last night despite law….  Stage 12:  Obi Onyejekwe:  let’s waive these things.  Meeting should adjourn till Town Clerk gets the order.  Stage 12:  all 22 NCNC Councillors locked themselves inside a council room.  50 minutes later, Town Clerk drove in with the High Court order.  Stage 14: (13 apparently skipped):  Udenze nominated by 2 men; Mbamali Ajie nominated by Peter Achuwku, seconded by Nwokedi Ogene; councillor Achukwu complained about intimidation:  NCNC was trying to prevent a secret ballot.  Udenze won and was greeted with shouts of “Power Mayor!”
Obi of Onitsha gives advice to new OUCC:   Udenze responds.
Ten join Omeokachie Society of Nigeria.
May 4:  Full text of Obi Onyejekwe’s speech to OUCC.
OMATA alleges fraud at recent OUCC election.
PC Odeluga joins Omeokachie society:  Onitsha membership alone is now swelled to 800.  Guest House, Fegge, ‑‑ members rose and applauded him as he raised up his hands and greeted the members in their traditional way:  “Omeokachie ‑‑ Odogwu”.  Chairman addressed new members, tracing history and emphasizing its fundamental aim was “to promote unity and oneness of purpose among its members.”  ‑‑ “a real philanthropic society”; “true brotherly love”;  “help one another irrespective of tribe, creed or religion”.  Names given.
Mr. Dom Okoye, Director of the Barbeach Photo Studio, Onitsha, was initiated with 12 others into the famous Okaa Society of Nigeria at Onitsha Catering Rest House.  Witnessed by hundreds of members, including Okaa “Chief” A, Okaa “Justice” B, and Okaa “Bishop” C.  Thousands of messages have been pouring into his studio at No. 15 Venn Road North Onitsha.  He “stated that his association with the Okaa society would enable him make more contact and friends.”  He “claimed that his pictures are excellent and always glamourous.”

May 6:  Police allege in court:  Managers of Highway robbery in Onitsha caught in a thatched house at Hausa Quarter ‑‑ names given are all Igbo.
Aguleri‑Umuleri riot:  Umuleri 13 villagers freed; but Aguleri people ruled to have a case to answer.  3 persons killed at Otu‑Ocha, several other villagers seriously injured, properties worth over L8,000 looted.
OUCC: the organization of “Onitsha youth Bribe Scorners” meeting today at Achukwu Hall to press more police probe on Major Azike, move to restrain Udenze from acting as Chairman.
More people join Ikaeme Ichie society:  Plaza Hotel, Fegge:  we will soon erect a Town Hall in Onitsha as one of the town’s assets.
“Ogaa Nwannem!!  Gabaniru!!”  The Oganiru Society of Niger, Onitsha Branch, invites all members to an initiation ceremony of 20 new members at the Central Hotel Onitsha.  Witnesses include Hon. JM Nwosu (Ogaa Patron), Ogaa Speaker B, Oga Mayor, etc etc;  Ogaa Music, etc., Ogaa George Akunne (alias ‘Talk and Do’).  [This an advertising announcement.

May 7:  6 members of a certain Apostolic Church in Fegge, Onitsha questioned about manhandling an aged woman member they accused of witchcraft.
Police resume anti‑burglary operation in Onitsha:  zoned into 4 Police operation areas, 60 policement patrolling each at night:  Inland Town, Fegge, Odoakpu, Waterside.  Road blocks along PH‑Owerri rd. and Onitsha‑Enugu rd.
OUCC selecting committees.
Edit:  “recognition of Chiefs” bill:  aims to “crack down on fake Chiefs;  why so much opposition to this?  There has been “an alarming drift of activity towards the performance of chieftaincy installation ceremonies in order to qualify the people for official recognition.”  Fakes must be sorted out and marked.     FC Ogbalu has been in NY attending international seminary on writing and literature:  calls on U.S. businessmen to invest in Nigeria.

May 8:  Sensational burglary, cont’d:  wives of 3 freed men now face charges with receiving allegedly stolen apparels.
Omeokachie Society of Nigeria gets 10 new members:  Om. A (Information) introduces new members; new members saluted, “Omeokachie!  Odogwu!  Ndu‑dia!”  Chair spoke on aims of this society, founded in 1958 throughout the country.  Urged new members to “emulate the high standard of discipline” already attained; membership limited to “only responsible citizens”; society is trying to acquire land for proposed club house and secretariat.  One new member said “the name Omeokachie produced an incentive for planning greater tomorrow on the bases of progress and prosperity.”  “…highly impressed by their brotherliness and oneness of purpose.”  ‘a true philanthropic society’.  Om B (Secretary), Om H (Taste), et al.
More people join the Udoka Social Improvement of Nigeria.  Names:  Bernard Eze, alias “Mallam Udoka”; Nwachineke Nwobodo ‑‑ “Alhaji Udoka”; David Ojiako alias “UIO Udoka”, et al.

May 10:  “Hush‑hush meeting:  OUCC held meeting Friday and adjourned after sitting only 15 minutes;  some newly elected councillors and traditional members spoke of “old tricks and organized fraud”.  Udenze read out names of those apptd to various Committees.  Then Major‑Azike moved for adjournment; but some new Councillors opposed this; two factions emerged.  ONe refused to let them out.  “You hold secret meetings and conspire to ruin others.”  Earlier, Chief Nwokedi Ogene asked Mr. Udenze why he was being slighted ‑‑ not on committees while other chiefs were there.  Udenze:  these apptments “discretionary”.  Councillor Peter Achukwu moved that no motion of appointment should be debated without prior notice.  But Udenze overruled him.  Chief MO Ibeziako threatened to take Council to court.
Edit:  NNDP makes threat ‑‑ accuses AG of violence in West justifying delaying elections there.    Dissolution of W. Legislature is long overdue.

[May 11 missing]

May 12:  FED supreme court:  Chief anthrony Enahoro, VP of AG, sentence reduced from 15 to 7 years.
Onitsha big men in court:  500 prominent people, including 20 lawyers, contractors, big businessmen, charged to court for evading payment of tax arrears.
EHA debate:  GEN Onyekwuluje:  congratulate the Premier and leader of our party. But why do some of his lieutenants “run from pillar to post licking the boots of the very enemies he wants to fight.”  This very true of members of the party in the Federal House.  They pose as “negotiators” ‑‑ what for?  not for us, but finding security for themselves.
Road accidents decried ‑‑ some statistics given.

May 13:  OUCC Chairman election:  Achukwu sues OUCC to restrain Udenze:  May 7 meeting illegal.
Edit:  “Our native towns Chiefs & Government”:  The Nigerian Constitution had peace and unity of communities in mind when it carved certain native towns, Onitsha included, and provided for traditional rules a full hand in managing their own affairs.  These chiefs must not by any arrangement be excluded from govt.  .. if some politicians resort to strange plan reducing these traditional rulers to position of common citizens under rulership of people having different traditions.  Municipalisation is one such plan.  This will be dangerous if mooted by OUCC.
Ugwubueze Society of Nigeria ‑‑ started since 1962, have about 200 members.  10 new members will be initiated.  include Ug. “Chief” A, Ug “Mayor” B, Ug “Taste” C, Ug “Defense” D, etc.
Review of Constitution, concld  (EHA debate speech)
Okaa Society of Nigeria, Onitsha Branch, Hon JO Nwankwu given “grand cocktail party” (welcoming home from Parliament), VIP’s including Chief SO Masi, Chukwuemeka Udenze, Barrister Isaac Ekwerekwu, Madam Izadi Ugboma, Barrister PO Balonwu et al [these not members].  Many others named as guests at Catering Resthouse.

May 15:  Aguleri Riot:  judgment reserved
Two missing P.H. Housewives found in Ogbunike Prayer House ‑‑ Uwaoma Church including their leader Prophet Odili Nwajuani.
From the “Outlook” Apr. 17 is seems that Malawi has taken strong progressive stand in African Cultural Emancipation and Development:  Malawi girls will be forbidden to use lipstick, burn [straighten] their hair, etc.  “Well done Malawi!”
Edit:  “A clarion call to Onitsha”:  Onitsha indigenes occasionally react when splitters seek to divide them; “that is the dilemma and the headache of evil machinators against Onitsha” ‑‑ seize it tomorrow:  truce to be signed, unity and votes of confidence.

[May 16‑18 missing]

May 19:  Passenger robbed at Otu‑Okwodu motor park by passenger touts.
NNDP Publicity Secty in London:  says if AG does not stop trouble making, West Regional Govt will have to postpone elections this yr.
Edit:  “Collective Punishment”:  this a good policy EN govt has established:  inter‑village combats like Uburu and Okposi (Afikpo division) or Akpo and Achina.  Every community should adopt “a civilised attitude to its neighbour”.
“Igwebuike Ikedia” ‑‑ Igwebuike Society of Nigeria will meet today.  Patron and Mayor titles to be bestowed.
“Odee Odenigbo,  Odee nna ichili ya”:  Odenigbo United Development and Industrial Association, Onitsha branch, will meet today.  Ministers Hotel.
“Ogana Oganigwe”:  Oganigwe Social Society Nigeria will hold their first anniversary celebration today at Achukwu Hall.

May 20:  L30 million Iron and Steel Industry Onitsha:  experts coming to make valuation of houses and crops on site ‑‑ couple of months time.  Choice of site was between Onitsha and Idah ‑‑ experts have selected Onitsha.
“Morning Post” may 6 flashed a “tribe‑baiting” article credited to Edun Akenzua.  He has shown base ingratitude to the NCNC ‑‑ besmirches it, makes case for regionalist, tribalist political party.  NCNC sponsored, championed, financed fight to create the Mid‑West Region.  Etc.

May 21:  Sensational Burglary, contd: EN ministry of justice appeals to Fed Supreme Court against acquittal of 10 persons….
OUCC election:  High Court bid to nullify Major Azike‑s eleciton into OUCC:  alleged irregularities; Judge asks complainant deposit L100.
Mbadiwe sues “Daily Express” for L50,000 libel.
Edit:  “Iron and Steel industry:”  EN has won one of its stiffest battles since independence.  Victory of both Onitsha sand the NCNC.  Every member of the community must offer the fullest cooperation to the officers of the Government assigned to do the spade work.  “They should in no way be challenged or hindered from the lawful execution of their duty.”   The land has been acquired ‑‑ no claimants to land must come forth.  No false claims.

May 22:  Chief MO Ibeziako:  Udenze still not served with High Court summons ‑‑ evading it (Peter Achukwu motion).  Mr. Udenze enters court “fully dressed in his wig and gown”.  The Judge Kassim asks if he is appearing as counsel in the case.  He says no.  Judge advised him to pull off his wig in order to stand as a respondent.  But he claims he is not for this case.  So can’t serve him (as long as he wears his wig and gown).
PN Ebo:  re sacking of Dr. O Ikejiani, former Chairman of Nigerian Railway Corp.:  goes into this issue with some details.

May 24:  “Mystery of 34,000 tins bad tomato”  ‑‑ SCOA tins dumped into river niger on order of Health specialist (found to be unfit for human consumption; but “certain good swimmers” dived into river, and hot sale of tomato cans began in the market on an “auction” basis.
Iron and Steel industry:  valuation officers arrive from Enugu.
Hon JC Aboh in EHA:  “Local elections” ‑‑ talks of OUCC briefly but mainly about elections rigged in West.
Welcome, CMS Synod.
“Onitsha Recreation Club”:  “M.A. Nwosu restored public confidence in the African Continental Bank.  (he, Manager of ACB, also Financial Secty of ORC ‑‑ being transfered to Lagos)

May 25:  All the Ogbaru Villages (9 local council areas) invaded by Onitsha Policement on instruction from EN Govt:  collection of over L3,000 rate arrears.
SN Obi buried ‑‑ one of founders of Ibo state Union, age 67 ‑‑ conveyed to his home‑town, Onitsha (a first cousin of Zik, from Ogboli Olosi) ‑‑ Dr. CJ Patterson attended his memorial service.  Officiating priest was Archdeacon B.C. Nwosu:  traced his career ‑‑ gives some history; remained Bursar at DMGS till his death.  MBE.

May 26:  Villagers seize and kill “Morning Post” driver Gilbert Okafor (Onitsha resident), clubbed to death by angry villagers of a town near Aba after the van killed 4 villagers cycle to market.
Edit:  Ogbaru rates row:  people say they want siting of Council HQ elsewhere; to benefit all and not only a part.  Police have come in.
Essay on Church Union by Patterson.
Edit: essay on cosmopolitan societies of mixed tribes where one strong majority group tries to suppress the weak and harmless minority groups.  They will never succeed.
Omeokachie Society of Nigeria:  Chief Joseph Chiekwelu, a prosperous Onitsha merchant in Onitsha and the Owolu of Umuoji, was among 8 prominent citizens of Onitsha who were initiated Thursday at Onitsha Guest House, Fegge.  nearly 800 distinguished observers and delegates from other neighboring towns:  Chairman Omeokachie KC Olumba, assisted by Omeokachie Stephen Ofodile (Information); Chief, clad in immaculate ‘Agbada’ traditional attire, vowed to uphold the society’s basic principles of “equal justice, love and humanity to all.”  The chairman reminded the new mambers of basic principles of “oneness of purpose, fair share and equitable justice to humanity, and love and unity irrespective of creed, religion, or tribe.”  Hope that the honest societies in Onitsha would try to eschew tribalism and clannishness which is now sapping Nigeria.  He announced amidst cheers that Barrister Abiodu Egbuna would be installed as Omeokachie “justice” June ll; also proposal to open a branch of the society at Orlu.  Emphasized that the name “Omeokachie” “…conjures amiable inward feeling of greatness respect and forward ever.”  Leaders who watched  incl. PC Odeluga (Vice Chairman of OUCC, Barrister A, OUCC Councillor B (Secretary), C (Taste), D (Treasurer), E (Defence), et al (each one named Omeokachie X).
Oganigwe Society holds first aniversary :  party attended by over 400 people.

May 27:  Otu‑Okwodu Motor Park:  4 school boys stolen by an Abakaliki herbalist after “charming” them with sweet oranges.  12 months imprisonment with hard labour.  Boys recovered at Asaba.  Ages 11‑13.  Certain Abakaliki people have formed the notorious habit of trafficking in human beings, said Magistrate Court judge.
Edit:  Zik says he has had his share of the good things of life.  People should be more content with what they have.
Eastern Nigerian Minister of Agriculture PN Okeke gives Okaa body L50 ‑‑ handed over to 500+ members at initiation of Mr. Joseph Okeke, a wealthy Onitsha trader who was also “crowned Okaa Patron at a colourful ceremony which came off in his home town, Umuoji”.  Ceremony performed by the Chairman, “‘Okaa O.C. Gravel'”.  Chief Okeke recalled the early 1950s when he himself was a trader in Onitsha, and emphasized that the traders’ day of enjoyment was on burial ceremonies.  But now, Chief Okeke said, he was happy to observe that Onitsha traders had evolved a new change in life especially on social; activities….”
Okaa  X talked about motto of Okaa, then “the entire precincts of Okaa Patron JOseph Okeke was stimulated with classical high life numbers supplied by Paul Nwamama Orchestra.”  Among the VIPs et al:  Chief CE Amobi, Councillor A, Madam Izadi Ugboma, Okaa Lord B, Okaa Justice C, Okaa Deputy Justice Isaac Ekwerekwu [one of very few definitely Onitsha men I have seen in these groupings], et al ‑‑ large number.
Notice:  “Ojee!  Ojemba!  Ojembaa Welu Ya Gaba”:  There will be a meeting of Ojemba‑Enweilo Society of Nigeria, Onitsha branch, in Fegge Onitsha at Ogechukwu Bar and Hotel.

May 28:  Edit:  Motherless Babies Committee in Onitsha.
Ikame Ichie Society in Nigeria plans to establish a L100,000 light bulb industry in Onitsha.  Ichie CN Nwoha chaired, and thanked Ichie BPJ Ojukwu for supplying 300 gallons of petrol free to about 300 cars for the procession.
Okaome Society of Nigeria meets today at Plaza Hotel Fegge.
“A hero’s welcome will be accorded Hon. N.N. Anah, MP for Awka Central, when he arrives in Osha from a month’s Parliamentary delegation tour to Russia and West Germany.

May 29:  Ogbunike Uwaoma Church:  “Fire Prophet” Odili Nwajuani (40) and 6 others shot ‑‑ riot between Ogbunike villagers and members of the church.  Church members accused of stealing food; rioters destroyed the prayer house and valuable household property.
Igwe Onyejekwe speaks in EHA on Land acquisition ‑‑ get a system that can leave some lasting benefit for the pooor land owners. (long speech, various topics).
*Edit:  Govts must deal with stranger vs indigenous elements ‑‑ in non‑state lands, “the indigenes lay claim to some privileges as owners of lands to the exclusion of their brothers coming to live with them.”  Opposition to this claim has given birth to endless troubles ‑‑ conflict is rapidly spreading in the country (a number of examples given).  Democracy needs some Nigerianisation.  This point should come up with Constitutional review.
“In Onitsha, the stranger elements’ dominance over issues that are of a local nature, has always been the cause of the perpetual “cold war”. (Other examples given.)  “…it is significant that many towns in Eastern Nigeria, are resisting ‘stranger elements’ domination.” ‑‑‑ “Culled from the ‘Guardian’  of May 17, 1965.”*
“Enemo joins Ugwubueze Society”.
“Okaa to honour MI Okoye on Sunday”.

Jun. 1:  Onitsha High court dismissed two claims by 250 wood and plank sellers at Ozomogala Street, who took OUCC to court last year seeking declaration they had right to carry on trade on a piece of land where they were tenants:  restrain OUCC from evicting them.  Justice Kaine ruled they were conducting an illegal market.
Peter Achukwu Ochanja motion against Chairman of OUCC and Town Clerk CO Okoli:  May 7 meeting “illegal and unconstitutional”  (MO Ibeziako leading two other lawyers for PA).
Dr. KO Mbadiwe, Fed. Minister of Trade, Nat’l V‑P of NCNC,  will arrive at Marine Wharf today:  talk on vital issues affecting trade and economy.  “The entire Onitsha community and in particular the members of the EN Traders Assn, OMATA, Nigerian importers and exporters; the members of the Okaa .., Iche.. Oganiru.. Omeokachie..  Okwesili… and all other societies, clubs, and ethnic groups, members of Parliament, Councilors and members of NCNC Executive are requested to join NCNC for a befitting reception.
Madam Izadi Ugboma denies magazine talk of her fantastic wealth.
Ogoo Enwezor dies:  Okwuma family, Ogbendida; brother of Madam Maggie Agwei Akaya; a UAC pensioner after serving company for 31 years.  Survivors mentioned ‑‑ lots of Enwezors including SNC (Asst Editor of NS).
“Society wedding”:  two ONitsha pple apparently.
Omenke‑Oma Society of Nigeria Onitsha branch elects members (names given; two entitled “Chief Whip & Deputy Chief Whip”)
Onyekachuwku Society of Nigeria registered in Nigeria.  (new organization.

Jun. 2:  P. Achukwu alleges 3 OUCC councillors involved in audit account showing disallowances and short accounts ‑‑ table for debate.
Edit:  PM should not allow plan of NNDP to to “relieve all Ibos in top posts in the Federal Civil Service and corporations”.
Zik Institute of Commerce opens new 5‑storey dormitory.   Some brief history of founding of college in 1940 in an old house:  “The People’s School of Accountancy”.  1942 ‑‑ name changed.  Request grant from Govt.
Sir Robert R. Olisa loses wife; children include wife of Barrister R. Onyejekwe, Mrs. P. Dike (wife of Vice‑Chancellor, U of Ibadan), Dr. G. Olisa, Lecturer in math UCI Ibadan, et al.
Lawyer Ilobi joins Ikeme Ichie society of Nigeria:  over 600 distinguished personalities at ENDC Catering Rest House for grand dinner party: initiation of “an Onitsha Business tycoon” Chief X as “Ichie Chief” ‑‑ escorted in motorcade procession from the Plaza Hotel, Fegge where installation took place.  (Names given.)  The “Ichie Chairman” propounded the philosophy of Ichie Society:  it is “non‑political and non‑religious discriminatory”, and “open to all honest citizens.”  It “promotes the brotherhood of man through mutual understanding and help.”
Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe at Onitsha reception:  urges traders to form big trading companies in the region ‑‑ new trade revolution coming.
Edit. & article:  Armed robbers and burglars in Onitsha.
Umuikem bride, Ogbeozala groom, “marriage contracted according to native law and custom.”
“First East MP joins Omeokachie Society”:  Hon JM Nwosu, “also a prosperous contractor in Onitsha”, among 5 VIPs ‑‑ “mammoth crowd of jubilant members including twenty‑five distinguished delegates from Orlu watched with intense admiration” ‑‑ basic princples of the society:  “unity and love”.  “Co‑operation” the aim of the society.  (officers also elected ‑‑ list given includes 3 Vice‑chairmen, 2 secys, 2  Joint Auditors, a Treasurer + a “Financial Secy”, “Information”, “Legal Advisor”, “the Owulu (Patron)”, 2 “Joint Tastes”; and 2 “Defence”.)
Onye Aghana Nwanneya Society of Nigeria Onitsha elects officers.
Spitfire:  discusses election:  Ahmadu Bello, “the big Prince” and Western REgional election.  UPGA making release of Awolowo an election issue.  So he does the same.
[Note:  for a long time, now, the paper has been used to advertise “staff vacancies” in OUCC etc.  Long public notices.]

Jun. 4:   “Ossomari people sue EN Minister of Local Govt and Onitsha Province Commissioner et al over the use of armed policemen for collecting rate arrears in the 9 Local Govt areas of Ossomari.  want declarations and injunctions against such procedings.  Police and rate officers have collected over L1,000 of target L3,218.
Public Notice:  Public Lands Acquisition Ordinance  concerning valuation of houses and crops within the area known as Okpoko Ofoedu, Onitsha, hereinafter referred to as the Iron and Steel Industry Site.   Some owners of crops have not identified themselves, will lose compensation.  You are warned.
Photo:  “Chief Aniegboka Odife, The Odu of Awkuzu and Chairman of Ekwueme Society of Nigeria.  He led the above Society to Marina, to welcome the Hon. Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe and Hon. NN Annah recently.
Edit:  on trade companies:  odds facing “Nigerian individual traders” ‑‑ companies must be formed.
Hon. NN Anah “brings 11 awards from Russia and criticizes capitalism:  5 of the university scholarships awarded regionally, but 6 reserved exclusively to sons and daughters of his own constituency.
[running article on “elections and growth of parties in West African countries” by JA Azike ‑‑ historical, comparative]
Akunna Society of Nigeria elects officers: includes the usual + “Joint Provost” and “executive members”.
Mr. Joseph Ejoh Mbamali of Ogboli Agbor (Onitsha Inland Town)  ‑‑ Air Catering Officer in the Nigerian Airways, Ikeja, has arrived in Onitsha on leave ‑‑ returned from London a yr ago after attending advanced courses in Airway Catering management.

Jun. 5:  the L5 million Niger Bridge, longest in Africa, will open in December; Textile Factory too.
James East [formerly Nee‑Ankrah ‑‑ photo attached]:  West elections:  NNDP faces defeat.
Edit:  Election to WHA looming:  overview given; “either vote for UPGA and bring peace, unity and abundance back to the West or allow the Region to be swallowed up in the fiercer flames that are bound to result….”
“Another ‘Superman’ arrives”:  Mr. TO Nwachukwu, alias “Superman” of Nigeria, arrived here to display his physical strength:  claimed he could roll on the ground for ten minutes like a football, etc; life 6 men at once; walk on the air, etc.  Said he was challenging both “Pistor Killer and Killwe Nwachukwu to an open combat….”  [Note:  notices of such people have appeared sporadically through the years; I have largely ignored them.]
Ichie man marries ‑‑ the usual list of people noted.

[note:  Jun. 6 ‑ Jun. 13 missing]

Jun. 14:  OUCC closes down 5 illegal motor parks scattered through the township ‑‑ armed police will assist.  Earlier, the Council decided to enforce the collection of 2/ levy from vehicles using all its motor parks in order to raise its annual yield from the parks to nearly L30,000.
Degree day at UN Nsukka ‑‑ Zik confers degrees, 3 eminent Nigerians honored.
388 Students receive degrees ‑‑ listed in paper by departments.
Edit:  hail UNigeria.
2 Anam chiefs nabbed for demanding L70 Bride price for girl given out to the Ata‑oja of Igalla (govt law:  L30 max.).
OUCC Councillor PC Ezeanwuna of Fegge Ward C praises the Onitsha indigenes for peace committee now successfully handling the 5‑year internal squabbles.
450 Nigerians to work in Textile Factory.

Jun. 15:  “OUCC bid to stop ‘Ochanja’ in High Court:  Judge to rule next Monday”.
Special judge ‑‑ WA Egbuna ‑‑ to hear Ossomari case against Govt of EN.
Barrister II Ekwerekwu [note:  he one of very few Onitsha men involved in one of the local “Societies of Nigeria”]:  cooperate with OUCC ‑‑ it must be reciprocal.  (Community must cooperate too.)
Edit:  OUCC exercises poor preference in choosing to enforce its Bye‑law on motor parks while ignoring many other bye‑laws:  e.g. improvement of roads!!
“The Voice of the People” ‑‑ Dr. Chike Obi’s one week‑old local daily ‑‑ has in its editorial captioned “This Society Social Madness”, resorted to “dangerous and reckless editorial attack on people and institutions”, namely the Omeokachie Society of Nigeria comprising over 2,000 leading people.  The Society said that the “Voice” was embarking on a smearing campaign against honest social organisations ‑‑ destructive journalism.   “Crass ignorance” about the “honest intentions” behind the formation of these clubs in the country.  “intention of causing confusion”.
Igwebuike Age Grade Society chooses patron ‑‑ grand occasion described.
Lawyer Abiodun Egbuna capped Omeokachie “Chief Justice”:  accompanied by female members of his family, led by Madam Cecilia Egbuna.  All members “clad in their National Agbada attire”.  Supporters named ‑‑ and titles.  “Earlier, Barrister Eguna’s installation ceremony was preceded by a series of preliminary celebration described by observers as unprecedented.”
One‑mile procession of cars passed through important streets in Onitsha (described), “Along Bright Street, thousands of traders… cheering and hailing the celebrants as they moved in a millipede speed pace.”  They were greeted with shouts of “Ome Okachie!”  Later, “feasting and merriment continued till late in the night….” [Photo of Mr. Abiodun Egbuna with wig]
Onitsh branch of UPGA Vanguard inaugurated.  Officers elected include NN Anah, RN Muojeke.
Last Saturday issue of Eastern Observer contained false description of a canoe mishap.
members of the United Motor Union refused to pay an illegal one shilling fee to another motor union operating in the park (Otu‑Okwodu).  OUCC and police present.  They have accepted OUCC fee but reject the other one.

Jun. 16:  5 lives lost since construction of Bridge began ‑‑ another one today.
Riot at Okwu‑odu motor park:  Secy‑General of United Motor Union stabbed, etc.  Motor Traders Assn disputing over payment of extra one shilling fee.  UMU claims this illegal; will pay only the 2/ to OUCC.
NN Okono:  “Watch Sam Ifeka’s ‘Voice'”:  on Jun. 4 1965 there appeared another daily newspaper, everybody welcomed this idea.  But it is “degenerating into “The Editor’s Voice” (not “The People’s Voice”.  Why provoke the public by ridiculing their religious beliefs ‑‑ article “When the Saints come marching in” ‑‑ “beclouded by communist‑polluted idea” ‑‑ attacked idea of naming institutions and schools after Saints’ names.  Editor’s own name is that of a holy person, a Patron Saint from Old Testament.  He is ignorant of Bible.  “What a contradiction!”  The leaders of both RCM and CMS sent the Voice goodwill messages, printed in their maiden issue.  Don’t attack Christian religion if you want Voice to survive.
“The Voice” versus Societies:  described formation of all these societies in Onitsha as “sheer madness”, mocked and ridiculed the suggestion by some of these to establish industries in Onitsha, and in the same breath appealed to societies to give a real social service.   “What a contradiction!”  It appears ths paper is confused.
“Hon JO Nwankwu:  Bid to Unite Societies”:   calls for meeting with the various social organizations now springing up in Onitsha ‑‑ see how far they may help to develop Onitsha culturally, economically, and educationally.
“MUoghalu & Ifedebe get Okaa titles  (“Igwe”, “President of Okaa Club Federation of Nigeria, Umuoji Branch”).  Titles given.  Aims:  “to promote brotherhood of man and unity of purpose and to assist helpless ones.
“Ugwu joins Oka Ome” ‑‑ procession of cars, Chairman:  “the society was above party politics and that its aims was to promote love and unity among the members” (open to all “honest citizens”).
Spitfire:  appeals to “all the social clubs and organizations in Onitsha”:  “Since the birth of Okaa Society of Nigeria, many things have happened which “go to enhance solidarity of the people and oneness of purpose”.  Like the ceremonies of “Lords” in Englands, so are the initiation ceremonies of these jolly societies ‑‑ Okaa, Okwesili, Omeokachie, Ichie, Oganiru etc. During these initiations, “several names are taken by members to justify their positions in the society.  Extra ceremony is held if a member wishes to be crowned this or that.  This elevates the member in his society.  It makes them more popular than others.
Spitfire’s view:  “The names such as JUSTICE, BISHOP, MINISTER, MAYOR, and LORD do not portray these societies well.  It makes them look so childish and funny.  Not only that, taking these names as society titles goes to ridicule the original names as Bishop or Archbishop.”  Why not names such as Odogwu, Eke Nwe Ofia, Ugoloma, etc.?
[photo:  Mr. PC Agbu, duty editor of the NBC Lagos, has arrived in Onitsha w/ family on leave.]

Jun. 17:  Onitsha to get new modern post office.
Borromeo hospital photo.
“200 Drivers boycott Ochanja Motor park”:  oppose illegal collection by “a certain motor union”, claim they are being cheated.
Work due to start on L30 million Iron and Steel in Onitsha ‑‑ valuation of houses and crops completed.
MI Okpara:  The entire HQ of UPGA will shift to Ibadan as soon as WN govt dissolved, for battle of Western elections.
Chief Masi:  tells Anambra CC:  “no tax, no amenity.”
Edit:  Motherless babies home.  Zik’s wife will formally open.  OUCC has responsibility here.
Ltr:  Frank Chude, Onitsha:  With the dawn of each day a new “church” springs up in Onitsha, with a “Prophet”.  People suffering from different kinds of diseases gullibly believe that mere prayers can heal them.  These fake churches are a menace and nuisance.

Jun. 18:  Chief So Masi to meet OUCC councillors
Public notice:  Sale of Isiokwe family land:  purchasers of plots at the “Isiokwe Family Layout”, bounded on West by Isiokwe Road, on East by the new Bridge Road, on the South by the New Cemetary Road, are advised to submit receipts and conveyances to Nnanyelugo SI Bosah, Dr. LO Uwechia, or their Solicitors, Messrs. FO Anyaegbunam & Co.
“The Ibo State Union has set up a committee to plan the resotration of the cultural heritage of the people, now lost in Western civilization.”  Work will start soon on the L30,000 secretariat of the Union; Chike Obi has donated L50.  Officers elected listed.  [I don’t recognize any Onitsha names, but there may be some ‑‑ lots of officers]
4 Company directors join Omeokachie Society:  “unprecedented crowd”, total of 20 initiated.  New member says the society’s name means “greater tomorrow”.  He has refused other societies because this is the “one which embraced men of character and principle.”  Visitor, a member of Ichie society, also spoke warmly of the “orderly behavior of all its members”, and made some valuable donation to the society “amidsts loud ovation”.  Very long list of members given.  Lots of titles.
Spitfire:  ENCC (Catholic Council), Association, Women’s Wing Onitsha meets this week.  I will discuss them, but get set for the day ‑‑ there will be “fashion parade”. Brains behind this group:  (gives them.

Jun. 19:  OUCC councillor Pius Ezenwuna (Fegge Ward C) proposes OUCC Councillors pay cut ‑‑ proposal ‑‑ “to show proof of selfless service” ‑‑ is “controversial”.
Ogidi:  several buildings for Dr. Agulefo’s proposed L10,000 hospital in Ogidi demolished, blocks, bags of cement destroyed by angry villagers disputing the piece of land (“100 villagers from elsewhere invaded the site armed with cudgels, spears, bows and arrows).  Policemen swooped on the villages of Nkpor searching for those involved.
Midnight swoop by police into hideouts of Onithsa robbers/burglars.
James East article:  “Freedom for Chief Awolowo:  Dr. Obi chooses the wrong road” ‑‑ “Voice” article calls on those who want Awolowo released should “come to agreement with the NNDP now.”  His reasoning:  if NNA wins, it will have no cause to fear Chief Awolowo and will release him.  East:  this is bunkum, Dr. Obi.  “He must do his masters job.”  But he knows no miracle can make the NNDP win the election.  etc.
Case of Ogbarus vs. govt (long article of court proceedings)
Omeokachie leads with 10 Gns to motherless fund.
Chief Umaru Yushau praises people of Onitsh Indigenes for trying to resolve their differences ‑‑ have restored their confidence in Onowu.
Spitfire alludes mysteriously to Nnobi Afor market, where “a type who installed himself king of the market” is active.

Jun. 21:  OUCC newly‑elected councillors alleged to have slighted Chief SO Masi, who was to have inducted them; OUCC decided not to accord him any reception; he said “such a ‘slight’ was the second from the same Council.  (Other councils already visited, where he “was accorded a hero’s welcome….”)
[Photo:  “Nnemmanwu Adibuah”, during her admission to Odu Society of Onitsha.  Akkunia Igweike, also of Umuaroli Quarter, performs the ceremony.]
Edit:  fast‑moving industrialisation in Nigeria:  danger to indigenous industries.
Address to Archbishop Heerey.
‘Govt will not tolerate laziness at Erei Farm settlement’ (PN Okeke).
Dr. WC Eze:  contradicts Eastern Outlook pub saying ONitsha Motherless Babies Home L10,000; we have not even gathered L1000.
[Photo of Obiageli Aghadiuno of Ogboli‑eke, departed Jun 21 1964; shows her with uniform holding small curved‑ceremonial‑sword (ada‑like) in right hand.  Husband:  Vincent Mazeli.]
OUCC election result:  15 NCNC members suspended from party, recommend expulsion:  these acted subversively ‑‑ stood as Independent candidates  [incl. SE Odife, no other I recognize]
Chief Ifionu of Ojoto, a Councillor for Otumoye Ward C in OUCC, has provided about L150 in laterites for road repair in his ward, and hired 15 private laborers now reconstructing 2 major culterts.  He is a prosperous Bright St. trader.  His own personal effort and initiative.
Jun. 25:  OUCC Town Clerk says Achukwu Ochanja’s claim that OUCC has spent over L5,000 on litigations published in local dailies “is a half‑baked truth”.
Mrs. Azikiwe praises Onitsha women (she is National Patron the the Council of Women Society).
Fidelis Ofili Akpom, President of the Fourah Bay College Students’ Union (Sierra Leone):  address given on “studentship”.
Edit:  “Frivolous action” brought by Ossomari people, challenging the legality of tax collection, struck out ‑‑ sound lesson to them.
Igwe John Oduah II [photo] calls for peace & unity in Ogbaru ‑‑ sink differences.
Meeting notices:  Ugochukwu, Orimili, Chidinka, Omenke‑oma Societies announce.

Jun. 26:  OUCC and Health Dept quarrel over building plans submitted to Health Office, which accuses OUCC of ignoring its recommendations.
OUCC Town Clerk CO Okoli replies Councillor Achukwu:  I give council legal expenses ‑‑ a lot of cases.  He disputes money paid out.  Lots of detail for anyone wondering about OUCC’s court activities.
Dr. Nwafor Orizu, President of the Senate, will arrive home from his overseas Parliamentary tour.  Major‑Azike, PUblicity Secty of NCNC Onitsha Branch, announces.  (mentions, again, “members of the societies in Nigeria, naming several major ones).

Jun. 28:  Torrential flooding rains carry away human beings, houses, culverts.  This the second time this year ‑‑ big property damage.
Eastern Nigeria Notice:  Public Lands Acquisition Ordinance:  “all that parcel of land the boundaries of which are described below, situate at ONitsha…. approx. 30 acres… is required by the HONOURABLE MINISTER OF TOWN PLANNING.. for E.C.N. Sub‑station.
“2.  Any person claiming to have any right or interest in the said parcel of land is required within THREE WEEKS from the date of publication of this Notice in the Eastern Nigeria Gazette… [to send] “a statement of his right and interest and of the evidence thereof, and of any claim in respect of such right or interest.”  (etc.)
Article accompanies: this land is along Upper Oguta Road after the new DMGS site.  If no statement within 3 weeks, Govt will treat this as unoccupied land.
Four traditional red cap chiefs of OUCC “revolt” against OUCC job appointments ‑‑ why the changes without consultation?  ‑‑ “dropping a man with 15 years service and requisite qualification [Mr. ECG Agusiobo, approved by the old council] only to appoint a person with lesser qualification.”   Peter Achukwu also complains.  Names recommended listed.
Edit:  “That ‘Ibo empire’ extension described by NNDP about transfer of UPGA to Ibadan for forthcoming Western Regional election; what about the “Fulani empire” extension?  We believe in the “Nigeria Empire” only.     Dr. W Eze on “Onitsha Motherless Babies  Home”.
EN Govt Minister of Local Govt slashes the L7,000 OUCC demand for Trenching ground near Nkpor to L2,000.  Council adopts without comment.
More join Ikame Ichie:  15 people, “among them are prominent business tycoons and merchants in Onitsha”, initiated:  over 800 distinguished personalities witnessed. Among the highlights:  initiation of an ONitsha wealthy businesswoman, a prominent professional Hausa tailor, and Mr. Abena Ndogo Joseph of Cameroun.  Said Abena, “it is now not only Nigerian in outlook but international in its scope.”  Names given.

Jun. 29:  7‑ton Texaco diesel oil lorry stolen; parts alleged on sale at Ochanja Market; 5 big businessmen of Onitsha arrested.  Belonged to Mr. I Ezeigbo of Nanka.
Edit:   We wish to state that the NS will no longer entertain any aritcle aimed at “bickerings and finger‑pointing” in the OUCC.  The new council has embraced the ills of the old with pride ‑‑ members use the paper instead of presenting their materials in the council itself.  Council and Health Sepcialist now in conflict over building plans.  Why not work it out.
Article:  Ogbaru and development:  challenges editorial above on its  High Court case.
“John N. Oragba capped “Igwe” Omeokachie:  “Thousands of distinguished personalities” to Plaza Hotel to witness his initiation (“prosperous trader” residing in Fegge).  [Various Names and titles given.]  The new initiate said the title “Igwe” was first associated with his name as far back as 1957 when he visited Ogidi during Ofala festival, and his admirers gave him that nickname.
Zik’s L5,000 statue at the Onitsha round about:  OUCC worred about loass of traditional eagle feather, and that Zik’s name not inscribed at the base.
Civic reception given to son of OPC SO Masi ‑‑ London U diploma in graphic designs ‑‑ prominent people receiving him named.  From Ahoada ‑‑ biography given.  Many names of guests [numerous females in this reception].

June 30:  OUCC in financial crisis?  how liquidate alleged debt of about L21,000 incurred by old council.  Alleged debt of L17K for drainage work Fegge by Messrs Mecheleti & Co; another by Travers Morgan for 4.000.   Town Clerk Co Okoli refers matter to Chairman, who he said is the “big man” of the Council.
“Plot to assassinate Chief Ibeziako” alleged.  Age 58.
Address presented to Dr. Nwafor Orizu:  “Tribalism still plagues this republic.”  (Onitsha welcomed him.)
Odenigbo United INdustrial and Development Association of Nigeria Onitsha Branch over the week enrolled 12 new members; 400 members watched.

NIGERIAN SPOKESMAN 1965  (June 30 ‑ December 31)

r some years, always wanted this title.

June 30:  OUCC in financial crisis?  how liquidate alleged debt of about L21,000 incurred by old council.
“Plot to assassinate Chief Ibeziako” alleged.  Age 58.
Address presented to Dr. Nwafor Orizu:  “Tribalism still plagues this republic.”
Odenigbo United INdustrial and Development Association of Nigeria Onitsha Branch over the week enrolled 12 new members; 400 members watched.

July 1:  Edit:  West Local Govt Police doing their “masters bidding” to make it impossible for UPGA to win the elections (during last Federal elections.  West elections ‑‑ police should come under Nigeria Police, not Local Govt.

July 2:  Two Hausa Men in Dagger Duel over L7; both lay with intestines gushing out.  Both have undergone successful operations in the hospital.
Odenigbo UNDA again.

July 3:  James East:  Ghost of defeat haunts NNDP (as Western election draws near).
P.C. Agbu in Onitsha:  What is Okaa society?
In February I wrote editor of NS from Lagos asking what meaning of “Okaa” society, including how word is pronounced.  But since coming home early morning programs of Radio Nigeria (Onitsha Brand) are full of this word.  The Society lilies and their male associates rendevous in the main market and local eating places.  But my interest and humour in this regard isn’t in place:  members are very serious, and I read every other day about inauguration of more members (including allied bodies e.g. Omeokachie etc).  Even big politicians are taking membership.  Interesting reaction to local daily attack:  outburst of vituperations.  I understand the Onitsha Bar Assn has advised members to sever any association.  (ends with Ibo phrases)

[no papers July 4‑18]

July 19:  Mr. Johnson Anorh, an eminent Onitsha importer and exporter, was installed “chief” of Uzoma society of Nigeria at colourful ceremony attended by well over 200 distinguished personalities and delegates from other towns.
Indian Hemp!  9 men and 3 housewives arrested by searching Regional CID men. (along with illicit gin, electric fans, etc.

July 21‑2:  Address to Acting Gov. EN by Onitsha community.
22:  AGov says Federal govt system in Nigeria is a “mockery”.
Making Onitsha a “show piece” as gateway to EN.

July 24:  Riot at Nimo town:  200 angry villagers invaded a 6‑square‑mile farm plantation alleged belonging to chief Alfred Onyiuke, the Owelle of Nimo and a Minister of Stat in the Premier’s office.  Armed with letal weapons and chanting war songs, they were said to be disputing ownership of the farm land with the Minister.  No arrests have been made, people being interrogated.
James East:  Federal constitution must be reviewed.
Edit:  Onitsha textile factory will open in 6 weeks.
Ugo bu Eze Social Club of Nigeria initiates 11 new members (clad in white Agbada):  this philanthropic organization boarn to promote philosophical principles and mutual understanding
Article series:  “my life in Britain”.

July 27:  “Immorality is on a stupendous increase”
letter:  is OMATA dead or alive?
Affairs of Ibo State Union (by VCI Anene, long‑time Secty)

July 28:  “Edit:  “missing persons” reports

July 29:  articles on education system;
“What Eastern Nigeria Catholic Council stands for.

July 30:  Alleged fraud at Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (cont’d)
Acting Gov EN advises nigerians to discard idea of domination of one tribe over the other.

July 31:  Chief Ibeziako Onoli, speaking as a “friend of the court”, has alerted Onitsha High Court:  fate of Onitsha almost ruined by litigations by warring faction of Onitsha indigenes.  Begs court to treat with unbiased mind a suit in which 4 Ozo men of Ogbeozala prayed the court to restrain Edward Anierobi from doing his Ozo outing (Ptfs Nnanyelugo Aniemena, Akunwafor Onyejekwe, Moses Odita, Nnabuenyi Nzekwu).  Dfts with Anierobi:  Chude Adazie, Ogbiogbolu Ozodioramma.
Ibeziako:  during past few months, Onithsa people have initiated peace settlement:  I am Chair of peace committee, FO Anyegbunam is Vice‑Chair.  Court if accepting present suit would bring misunderstanding among the indigenes.  Barrister Chike Ofodile also spoke as a “friend of the court”, saying this suit hurriedly filed, if heard would defeat peace move.  Mr Emma Araka leading the 4 Ozo pltfs said they all support peace settlement, but there has been much talk about this ‑‑ can’t sit idle.  If peace is the aim, why is dftd taking Ozo title without due consultation.  Urged court to grant interim order.  Ibeziako responded, attacking Mr Araka, when judge says ‑‑ take your seat.  Justice HU Kaine dismissed the motion; Pltfs and escorts danced home (?!).
Judge Kaine on High Court counter‑motion by Minister of Local Govt, to strike out civil action by 4 Red Cap chiefs against minister and Obi of Onitsha, challenging the appointment of 5 Onitsha chiefs.  Adjournment given to Aug 23.

Aug. 2:  “United Democratic Federation of Nigeria” formed:
ocratic Federation of Nigeria” formed:  demands Niger Ibo State  ‑‑ Component towns:  Onitsha, Illa, Aboh, Asaba, Ossomari.  To safeguard the interests of those “minority neglected areas along the Niger.”  Chief MO Ibeziako said this would be very viable ‑‑ state would have no tribal bias.  Pledged loyalty to UDFN.  Present:  PO Anyaegbunam, PO Balonwu, Sam Ifeka, Robert Okagbue, et al.
“Miss Onitsha” selected (Daily Times of Lagos managed the pageant); 6 contestants; judges listed; spectators “rioted”, saying none of the contestants was worthy to rep. Onitsha.
Igwe Onyejekwe’s Umato Aug. 9.
Onitsha Youth League, under chair of MO Ibeziako, replied to Chief TOS Benson, who said in Morning Post, “no hope for UPGA…;”  and “the Onitsha people are regarded as the Jews of Eastern Nigeria and their children have been hounded out of the Empire.”  Chief E.P. Okoya, EN Minister of Information in Nigerian OUtlook criticized this:  amenities to Onitsha:  Iron and Steel Industry; Textile mill; Pepsi Cola factory and library; Niger bridge.  Ibeziako reply:  we don’t support either of these chiefs:  Onitsha pple under‑represented.  Denies these amenities given by EN.
Editorial:  “Pilot” being tabood in Western Nigeria ‑‑ vendors hawking it molested by NNDP thugs.  Flouting of constitution.
Article:  major causes of national disunity:  post‑independence politicians regard politics as lucrative business.
“Present OMATA is alive!” (by CI Igboanusi, protem secy) ‑‑ in 1961 all treaders teamed up to vote 7 of its members into OUCC; these 7 led by Chair JEE Okonkwo and Secty SE Odife, used their positions to “destroy” the OMATA ‑‑ would not yield to any others to contest posts in council.  Last OUCC election was contested as a team, but OMATA traders, who form 95% of Onitsha population, were responsible for the failure.

August 4:  6 Rev. Sisters and one Rev. Father resident at Aguleri reportedly have fled the town, returned to Onitsha.  REason:  L500 maternity home not being used enough.  And robbers threaten them.
*  Ikem Ikobi:  Niger Ibo State:  5 days ago, the nation was shocked with a spontaneous demand for the fifth region ‑‑ the Niger Ibo State, made here in Onitsha and by Chief MO Ibeziako, and more “bombshell” may be made within 10 days, when leaders of the proposed new state would hold their first meeting.  The component towns include:  Onitsha, Ossomari, Ogbaru, Anambra, Asaba, Illa, Aboh, Ogwashi, Agbor et cetera.
History tells us most of these share a pedigree traceable to one father, with customs, religion, language in common.  Already, some agitators are jubilating at the thought of joining their kith and Kin.  But Asaba, Aboh, Ila, Agbor, Ogwashiukwu are all in Ni‑Western Nigeria.  What becomes of it if these major towns are carved out?  Note:  present Premier hails from Asaba, lives in Asaba; most Western Ibos might cling to what they have, fear pursuing a shadow; can either M‑W or EN invade each other’s territory.
But:  Nigeria does need new states; present regional system is the taproot of dissension, greatest threat to unity of nigeria.  In the East today, the towns in question are surely not having amenities.  This is the taproot of this movment.
viability:  clearly this region will be viable if created.    (cites population, industry, etc.)  But could this state be created without stabbing the govt of EN?   NCNC has held that creation of new states is their policy; so play cards face up and cooperate with NCNC govt.  People of Onitsha:  Don’t be tactless and over‑ambitious.  [photo of Premier Okpara in midst of this article.]
Chief John Oduah, Igwe of Akili:  “Ogbarus say:  count us out of Niger Ibo State.”  We have never asked the Onoli for this.  Ignore this claim of Onoli to speak for Ogbaru people.

Aug. 5:  Obiekwe Aniweta:  “Disunity in Onitsha:  prospect of settlement”:  Harding Inquiry enchained our reason, crucified our custom.  The peace move will fail.  My own view:  there will never be peace in Onitsha until after the reign of Obi Onyejekwe I.  We must remember this infamous document (Harding Report) ‑‑ suggesting use of ballot boxes in nominating, selecting Obi.
The gulf between the two factions is tremendous.  So how to save our great institution of monarchy from total ruin?  President of Federation has said, forget the past, give Obi loyalty.  But this impossible.  Chief holds fast to his belief.  Can’t make a law without penalties.  (to be continued)
Edit:  Chairman of Nigerian Coal Corporation CC Onoh in Post decribed people of Onitsha Province living in Enugu municipality as “neo‑colonialists who come to grab everything from the owners of the town”.
Anierobi initiated into Ozo after High court ruled against interim motion to stop him.

Aug. 6:  Chief SO Masi, Prov. Comm, says Onyejekwe is accredited ruler; delegation to him saide “handful of people doing 2nd burial during Umato festival. ‑‑ against custom; man flouting it lived next door to the Obi.
Obiekwe Aniweta, cont’d:  Think how Onitsha is being neglected in amenities:  no good roads; no ONitsha man in EHA; our Obi was Deputy Pres of EHCHiefs, but new one has been denied that post; our OUCC is dominated by strangers; both Chair, vice‑chair are strangers; there has been mass transfer of Onitsha indigenes who are employees of the council; our seat in Federal Parliament was taken from us, given to “stranger” contrary to gentleman’s agreement between NCNC and our people; only consolation:  Hon. Nwankwu, who has taken over Zik’s position in Fed. House, is a “good lover of Onitsha people” [n.b.:  Nwankwu is an Aboh man!].  Hon Dan Ibekwe was made a Minister in Fed Parliament after his good services during the Federal Election crisis; but EHA has been used as a forum to attack him, where he cannot speak in response.
So:  our disunity is being exploited ‑‑ our existence is being threatened on all fronts; so we must settle our internal problem.  Onyejekwe is recognized by EN Govt; (to be cont’d)
Mr. Michael Oranusi, prosperous 40‑yr‑old trader, capped “Mayor” of Omeokachie Society of Nigeria.
Aug. 7:  West Regional Election:  rift in NNDP over election method
Edit:  Sardauna of Sokoto:  Govt policy about admitting Southern children into N. Nigerian schools
Obiekwe Aniweta:  Onowu letter saying he had capped Enwezor ‑‑ nov 26, ’61 ‑‑ Onowu still stands by this.  Enwezor now seems to have settled down to do his contract work, though he is still surrounded by a “cabal” that continues to flatter him as “Obi”.  He should stop using the Red Cap and the Horse‑tail, regalia exclusively used by Obi.  But he can now use white cap and white uniforms.
I will say Igwe Onyej. I has not impressed me in the least ‑‑ many are getting disappointed as he does not seem to have shown the personality which prompted many to support him ‑‑ does he intend to rule Onitsha in isolation?  Proverb [in Igbo]:  “the big animal has put his head into the oil pot” ‑‑ meaning there is no turning back from this mistake.  He has poor public relations; Enwezor is better ‑‑ approachable, listens; never administered any “oath” to those of us who supported him (as alleged) ‑‑ secret of his power is his good nature, superb public relation; he could have dignified the office.
Harding said, “the general will must prevail”; Onyej. should take note of this.
Major Azike ltr:  I saw NS Aug. 2 notion of separate state:  this would be “Onitsha Town State”  with L15,000,000 asset; why were other towns supposedly included not represented at meeting?  NCNC Governments of EN and M‑WN have never conceived any such “minority neglected areas along the Niger”.  Onitsha Town people have not taken with good grace the achievements of the EN Govt under the able leadership of Hon Dr. Okpara.  This an empty idea.

Aug. 9:  Ministers due in Onitsha:  bad roads [very heavy rains this year involved].
Obiekwe Aniweta, contd:  So:  people can make Obi, but also dethrone him.  Look at the UEA “Ime‑Obi”:  I do not think it is a modern palace; of course, Onitsha people were bored by making contributions for it, when it becomes the property of a particular village.  Still, I appealed to my people to cooperate with him.  He had plans to give lavish entertainments, tar street to Ime‑Obi with his own money [I think he’s speaking of Enwezor here].  Enwez. could have used his power; he would not have tolerated insubordination.
I suggest:  Obi Onj accepted; Onowu important also; obi capping himself inappropriate if Onowu should cap.  What about Ndichie institution?  If this destroyed, Osha tradition destroyed (see proverb).  So we need reconciliation ‑‑ need more cooperation from Obi Onyejekwe for this.
Onoli Ibeziako and Major Azike almost fight it out ‑‑ Onoli tried to speak, councillors jeered, heckled him.  M.A. especially refused to let him speak.

Aug. 10:  “Niger Ibo State”:  Premier Okpara wired by Edibos Okoloji, Chmn NCNC IT that Onitsha people dissociate themselves from agitation for creation of a separate state.     Obiekwe Aniweta:  Can Onowu shift his position after installing one man?  We can create precedent for him ‑‑ discard view that Ndichie have no locus standing in the whole selection (otherwise we will have myriad Obis, capping themselves).
First, there must be internal settlement in UEA; JJ E is a magnanimous mind, could easily forgive and forget; the two should get together.  Osita Dinma should take responsibility for the settlement:  impose conditions on Oj, persuade E’s chiefs ‑‑ or replace them.  (Notes Oba of Lagos did this.)

Aug. 11:  EN Minister of Local Govt refused to comment on repeated demand by “a cross section of Onitsha Community” for dissolution of the 4‑month old OUCC.  [Implied:  opposition between NS and NCNC Govt official.]
Minister  says Onitsha not forgotten; L233,000 loan to OUCC for road/drainage and Town hall.
Hon. JO Nwankwu, Parliamentarian pledges unflinching loyalty to Dr. Okpara.  Avoid bringing disunity.  Pressed for comment on Niger State demand, he reserved comment.
Spitfire:  “Moon Men” ‑‑ lunatics ‑‑ receive undue publicity here;  need an asylum for these people.

Aug. 12:  Floods disaster (has been mentioned repeatedly in previous papers
OUCC chairman speaks to visiting ministers on this subject

Aug. 13:  Onitsha Marine officials charged with “organized racketeering”.
OUCC councillors refuse to be dragged into any send‑off party organized for out‑going expatriate Provincial Secty Mr. Robert John Graham.  (leaves Sep. 14.)  Chief Odu Mbanefor pleaded with councillors to forfeit their monthly sitting allowance to accord him a party.
Ediboss Okoloji calls on EN Govt to observe “disgruntled elements in Onitsha” who flaunt Govt Chieftaincy law.  One of these spoke his mind in “an Onitsha daily not the Spokesman.”

Aug. 14:  Benin City:  Owegbe cult:  M‑W Ministers invited.
Editorial:  “Act with Restraint”:  EN threatened with chaos after Minister of Education announced proposal to take over control of primary schools in the region.
Federal constitution must be reviewed.

[Aug. 16 missing]

Aug. 17:  Fire‑arms factory at Ihialla:  police raid.
The Lagos UniversiSokoto:  Govt policy about admitting Southern children into N. Nigerian schools
Obiekwe Aniweta:  Onowu letter saying he had capped Enwezor ‑‑ nov 26, ’61 ‑‑ Onowu still stands by this.  Enwezor now seems to have settled down to do his contract work, though he is still surrounded by a “cabal” that continues to flatter him as “Obi”.  He should stop using the Red Cap and the Horse‑tail, regalia exclusively used by Obi.  But he can now use white cap and white uniforms.       I will say Igwe Onyej. I has not impressed me in the least ‑‑ many are getting disappointed as he does not seem to have shown the personality which prompted many to support him ‑‑ does he intend to rule Onitsha in isolation?  Proverb [in Igbo]:  “the big animal has put his head into the oil pot” ‑‑ meaning there is no turning back from this mistake.  He has poor public relations; Enwezor is better ‑‑ approachable, listens; never administered any “oath” to those of us who supported him (as alleged) ‑‑ secret of his power is his good nature, superb public relation; he could have dignified the office.
Harding said, “the general will must prevail”; Onyej. should take note of this.
Major Azike ltr:  I saw NS Aug. 2 notion of separate state:  this would be “Onitsha Town State”  with L15,000,000 asset; why were other towns supposedly included not represented at meeting?  NCNC Governments of EN and M‑WN have never conceived any such “minority neglected areas along the Niger”.  Onitsha Town people have not taken with good grace the achievements of the EN Govt under the able leadership of Hon Dr. Okpara.  This an empty idea.

Aug. 9:  Ministers due in Onitsha:  bad roads [very heavy rains this year involved].
Obiekwe Aniweta, contd:  So:  people can make Obi, but also dethrone him.  Look at the UEA “Ime‑Obi”:  I do not think it is a modern palace; of course, Onitsha people were bored by making contributions for it, when it becomes the property of a particular village.  Still, I appealed to my people to cooperate with him.  He had plans to give lavish entertainments, tar street to Ime‑Obi with his own money [I think he’s speaking of Enwezor here].  Enwez. could have used his power; he would not have tolerated insubordination.
I suggest:  Obi Onj accepted; Onowu important also; obi capping himself inappropriate if Onowu should cap.  What about Ndichie institution?  If this destroyed, Osha tradition destroyed (see proverb).  So we need reconciliation ‑‑ need more cooperation from Obi Onyejekwe for this.
Onoli Ibeziako and Major Azike almost fight it out ‑‑ Onoli tried to speak, councillors jeered, heckled him.  M.A. especially refused to let him speak.

Aug. 10:  “Niger Ibo State”:  Premier Okpara wired by Edibos Okoloji, Chmn NCNC IT that Onitsha people dissociate themselves from agitation for creation of a separate state.
Obiekwe Aniweta:  Can Onowu shift his position after installing one man?  We can create precedent for him ‑‑ discard view that Ndichie have no locus standing in the whole selection (otherwise we will have myriad Obis, capping themselves).
First, there must be internal settlement in UEA; JJ E is a magnanimous mind, could easily forgive and forget; the two should get together.  Osita Dinma should take responsibility for the settlement:  impose conditions on Oj, persuade E’s chiefs ‑‑ or replace them.  (Notes Oba of Lagos did this.)

Aug. 11:  EN Minister of Local Govt refused to comment on repeated demand by “a cross section of Onitsha Community” for dissolution of the 4‑month old OUCC.  [Implied:  opposition between NS and NCNC Govt official.]
Minister  says Onitsha not forgotten; L233,000 loan to OUCC for road/drainage and Town hall.
Hon. JO Nwankwu, Parliamentarian pledges unflinching loyalty to Dr. Okpara.  Avoid bringing disunity.  Pressed for comment on Niger State demand, he reserved comment.
Spitfire:  “Moon Men” ‑‑ lunatics ‑‑ receive undue publicity here;  need an asylum for these people.

Aug. 12:  Floods disaster (has been mentioned repeatedly in previous papers
OUCC chairman speaks to visiting ministers on this subject

Aug. 13:  Onitsha Marine officials charged with “organized racketeering”.
OUCC councillors refuse to be dragged into any send‑off party organized for out‑going expatriate Provincial Secty Mr. Robert John Graham.  (leaves Sep. 14.)  Chief Odu Mbanefor pleaded with councillors to forfeit their monthly sitting allowance to accord him a party.
Ediboss Okoloji calls on EN Govt to observe “disgruntled elements in Onitsha” who flaunt Govt Chieftaincy law.  One of these spoke his mind in “an Onitsha daily not the Spokesman.”

Aug. 14:  Benin City:  Owegbe cult:  M‑W Ministers invited.
Editorial:  “Act with Restraint”:  EN threatened with chaos after Minister of Education announced proposal to take over control of primary schools in the region.
Federal constitution must be reviewed.

[Aug. 16 missing]

Aug. 17:  Fire‑arms factory at Ihialla:  police raid.
The Lagos University stalemate:  Prof Njoku to be replaced by Prof. Biobaku
Chief Nzekwu Omodi celebrates Umato.
Mr JJ Enwezor performed Umato festival ‑‑ paper yesterday said done under police guard, but not so.  Royal Egwu‑ota was beaten;  N‑U and other Ndichie supporters paid him homage.

Aug. 18:  OUCC meeting:  Udenze and Onoli Ibeziako conflict:  Udenze threatens to ask EN govt to remove Ibeziako from Council; Ibeziako responded the same.    Claim:  Peter Achukwu doing conservancy works illegally.
Chief Onyiuke [see above] says people trying to assasinate him over land conflict with villagers.
Article by Ikem Ikobi: “Whither Onitsha”:  Onitsha indigenes too exclusive, pompous; Onitsha people are out of the show ‑‑ don’t take part in politics; too proud.  Should drop idea of secession.  Don’t kick down the ladder which other towns have used to climb to success.

Aug. 19:  “Victims of tribalism”, by Barrister II Ekwerekwu:  Ibos are like Jews in Hitler’s German.  Lagos University e.g.  Ibos in North victimized ‑‑ houses taken over, reducing access to education; Akintola’s West prevents landlords from renting to “strangers” without Council permission.  The Federal Govt is fiddling while Nigeria is burning.  Ibos may lose faith in Federation.
L. Ogueji:  “Tribal politics shakes Nigerian Unity”.

Aug. 20:  Agulu Catholics tell Archbishop Heerey:  We are pround of you”.  History of mission at Agulu recounted.
Islamic Center of EN inaugurated in Onitsha by the World renouned Ibo Muslim Leader, Alhaji….Nwagui of Afikpo.  Officers present.

Aug. 21:  Omeokachie Title taking cmny:  JO chiekwelu, the Owulu of Umuoji, a well known Onitsha trader, will be given the title of “Lord”. (photo of him)

Aug. 23:  Edit:  Ibo traders to quit Ibadan?
Vox Pop:  Goddy Ifeajuna insults Major Azike over “Niger Ibo State”, points out that Okpara himself has spoken of additional states.

Aug. 24:  Rumours spread:  “New Obi for Onitsha” ‑‑ Judge Kaine warns people of Onitsha against trying to associate Osha High Court with local politics.  Onoli Ibeziako complained that certaina “evil doers” were spreading rumor that the court would dethrone the Obi and appt. JJE.  Judge:  tell Onitsha people:  case is finished, dead.  Earlier, Ibeziako told judge his life was being threatened, though he can resolve dispute.

Aug. 25:  ARticle:  “the police and the people” (Ikobi)
Open letter to Ikobi re Peace Movment
“Islamism”, by the Imam: pushing Islam.

Aug. 28:  “Voice” (a 2‑month‑old local daily owned by the Dynamic Party) sued for L10,000 by GCM ONyiuke, one‑time EN director of Public Prosecutions, for libel in artical captioned “OUCC legal fee scandal”.
Councillor moves to shift loan for Town Hall over to fixing Onitsha roads.
Consecration of Francis Arinze as Bishop tomorrow.

Aug. 31:  Chief James Opubor (richly dressed in Yoruba flowing gown), chair of Action Group Eastern Zone, arrested by Enugu Regional CID men on criminal charge of embezzling L1,675 belonging to his party.
Onitsha Amalgamated IMporters and Traders Assn demonstrate against new tariff increase  and ban on Japanese and Hong‑Kong goods. (8 top officials arrested; 800 demonstrators)

Sep. 1:  OSCC councillor accuses it of corruption and nepotism. (see also sep. 6)
Ikem Ikobi:  NCNC now 21 yrs old; “is on the move”; the greatest of its new ideas is the 1965 “AG‑NCNC grand alliance,” whose prime objectives “is to use all constitutional methods to destroy those cankerworms that are eating deep into the social fabric of our young republic.”  Only by collaborating with other social forces…
NCNS believes in democracy… its greatest enemy is tyranny and oppression; it has “fought for two decases like the Messiah”, alone and single handed, it “entered the battle field and fought peerlessly”  ‑‑ kicked out our old colonial masters etc.  (History given).  [battlefield imagery strong]
Western election coming soon will determine fate of Awo, real strength of the two rival alliances.  UPGA hopes to “wield power and … force NNA into a tight corner.

Sep. 2:  Ojiba Ediboss Okoloji sends telegram to Hon. RO Iwuagwu, Prov Commissioner Umuahia, deploying flouting of govt authority by “Onitsha malcontents”.
Dr. Onwu, retired Director of Medical Services EN, has suggested that Govt medical officers should be allowed to return to private practice; this would kill quackery in the Region.  Govt says no.

Sep 3:  Warring staff of the ONitsha UAC Vono Product Limited:  conspiracy to blow up the L50,000 Niger House ‑‑ sales manager R.C. Little denied he has shown any “disrespect to President Azikiwe”, told Police that when appointment of Mr. Nwanazie was terminated, he threatened to burn office.  Refusal to display Zik’s portrait involved.  (Sep 6:  Nwanazie in “medical” check)
PC Agbu letter:  “Adieu, my beloved Onitsha” (biog given:  Editor of NS 1949‑52, other newspapers and now Radio Nigeria, lagos.)
“Onitsha, the town I love, this cosmopolitan town, dassling beauty now being smeared ‑‑ filth and stench pervade;  but OUCC say they are not “a rain‑maker”!  Taxi drivers have declared certain areas in IT and Fegge out of bounds.
The people work hard, but spend careless money on the entertainment funds of numerous social clubs.  Our women are beautiful, but unnecessary paint etc makes them look like “a monster out of the caves”.
The boys ‑‑ many are dishonest, immoral, disrespectful to elders, breaking houses, defiling girls.  Girls ‑‑ mad craving for new fashions.
The Onitsha Indigenes:  as one of them, I say:  “Onitsha Town is going under.”  “mischief and conceit” have got the better half of some leaders:  “They talk of Obiship as if this matter has not been settled.
They quarrel over proposed “Ibo Niger State” without asking Chief Ibeziako how the state will fare.
They wrangle over Okpalaship of various families, leaving their ancestors (?) confused and baffled.”
How can these people (“cashing in on confusion”) be stopped.  This is the prime question.

“Islamism” ‑‑ by the Orlu Imam:  goes into detail on Arabic sayings, translates them.
Friday questions on world current affairs (by Gab. Enebeli):
“What is democracy”?  Ans:  if you do to others what you will like others to do to you, you have known the true democracy.
etc etc.
“How many towns are to be included in the proposed Ibo Niger State?”  Ans:  this is at present the figment of a few people’s imagination.  Three things are required:  “geographical vicinity, economic viability, and the desirability of the ethnic group concerned.
Wedding of Dr. Cyril Amechi Akpom, MB Ch.B, D.Obs, R.C. OG, (of Ogbeobi) and Dr. Philomina Obiageli Uyanwah, (of Umuosodi Umudei).  He is from DMGS, later Customs Officer in Lagos; she is QRC, also a full fledged doctor.

[note:  the Ajie has been absent for some time from relevant celebrations where one would expect him to be listed]

Sep 4:  Okotie‑Eboh wires Onitsha traders explaining ban on Japanese goods
L70,000 Film Industry for Onitsha ‑‑ aim is to banish all foreign films from Nigeria and Africa  by offering effective indigenous entertainment that will “project the personality of Africa to the outside world”; will offer jobs.  Note:  3 cinemas advertizing foreign films with photographs of actors etc ‑‑ big musclemen abound.

Sep 6:  Edit:  Stage now set for review of Nigerian Constitution
‑‑ a Herculean task.
Public Notice by CO Okoli, Town Clerk:  payment of 1965/66 Capitation Rates ‑‑ to all taxable adults.
Marriage of Akpom and Uyanwah:  Mbanefo Odu, Nwokedi Ogene, Orefo Owelle, Obiekwe Aniweta, et al (TB Akpom not listed as present, though refered to as Father of groom).

Sep 7:  “Voice” L10,000 suit:  Editor Sam Ifeka and the Evelyn Press ordered to file pleadings within 45 days; “the lanky bearded Editor… appeared in the court dressed in a black suit.”
M‑W Premier Osadebay says Dynamic party dead and buried; no dead party should be included in Constitutional Review Committee.  Osadebaya:  if UPGA wins Western election forthcoming, it will press for immediate release of Awolowo.
Isuofia Youths Assn:  Hon Ebo addresses it.
“Nigerian Outlook” editor Gab Idigo left for US for 2‑month press seminar at Columbia U; 5 other Nigerians too; other African countries involved; Ford Foundation grant.
Over 500 Mid‑Westerners in Onitsha welcome Osadebay; Aboh chiefs, Mrs. Kaine welcome him; he announces new industries for Mid‑West;  regrets that he is attacked “simply because he is an Ibo man”;  separate article:   says he will give evidence on Owegbe cult if asked.
Spitfire attacks OUCC

Sep 8:  Trader who wanted to get L1,000 from “Mammy Water” had been reported duped of L152 by two men who styled themselves agents of the “River God”.  (conned him)
“Hausa thief in carton with stolen money” ‑‑ Main market.
Article by Ikem Ikobi:  ban on Japanese goods; talks with main market traders:  they have deposited 6,000, 8,000 with their manufacturers in Japan; “I gathered that Onitsha traders have over L500,000 deposits overseas.  They fear these may be forfeited due to regulations.  He lists goods from Japan/Hong Kong ‑‑ all marketable articles, sold cheap.  So why didn’t Fed Govt provide its citizens with alternative cheaper articles before the bans?  This hurts traders.

Sep 9:  Edit:  “Dissolve the Western House” ‑‑ NNDP has used “all wicked methods in its toalitarian amoury” to suppress/oppress West people.  Call for fresh mandate.
Igwe JO Onyejekwe honours Mr. Graham.  [Ajie absent]

Sep 10:  Marathon legal battle in OHC: 4 sr. red cap chiefs challenge legality of EN Govt in recognizing apptment of 5 new chiefs by Obi of Osha:  GCM ONyiuke represents plaintiffs; Minister of Local Govt filed counter action; FO Anyegbunam for Obi.  Anyaegbunam:  no cause of action; long argument.
James Ikeomu of Ogbeozala, OUCC employee,  joins Ozo ‑‑ Onowu, Mbanefo Odu, Owelle, Onya et al present.

Sep 11:  Floods hit Fegge
Edit:  forged Nigerian Currency Notes.
Odenigbo United Industrial Development Association of Nigeria inducts a new member; businesses/professions of some members given.
Dr. GC Mbanugo, Chair of NCNC East Working Committee and of ENDC, was recently capped Chief (Ogene of Obosi) by the Igwe of Obosi (clan head of Idemili), Chief DU Odibe.

Sep 14:  Teachers may strike (NUT)
Edit:  “Avert this strike!”
Some 300 students of Etukokwu Commercial Grammar School reported to threaten to blow up their L500,000 school building etc.  Ogbuefi Chinyelugo Etukokwu called in police.  Grievance sheld secret among students.
Photo of interior Ime‑Obi:  Onitsha women dancers during Ofala of JO Onyej. last year.

Sep 15:  Etukokwu and students on war path:  alleged maltreatment, insufficient feeling, and high school fees.
DMGS, by Ikem Ikobi:  40th anniversary; gifts being given to it; some eminent citizens listed as graduates.
Hector Ononenyi Emejulu died Aug 31, 1965.
Onitsha Infectious Disease Hospital:  photos shown ‑‑ sheds; outrage ‑‑ (another article on 16th)

Sep 16:  Indian hemp in Odekpe:  man runs amuck, attacks his family.
New topographical map of Onitsha being made; last one in 1930.
NEI Ohiareri:  cultural development of the family in Nigeria; long article
Edit:  disturbances at Etukokwu ‑ what is going on?
Onitsha high court has ordered OUCC to pay ex‑cashier L.OU. Enweonwu L488 costs for wrongful dismissal.  [see Sep 18]

Sep 17:  Dynamic Party:  former candidate lost deposit, sued Party to refund it; wins case (see also Sep 15)
NCNC Exec Committee Onitsha:  suspended members reinstated, general amnesty:  re‑register.  (“anti‑party activities during last OUCC election”).
Questions on World Affairs (Gab Enebeli): Q: What Premier in Federation owns the sensational L22,000 Mercedes Benz car with …?  Ans: the one whose region has policy of “pragmatic autocracy”; he “will not escape the judgment of history.”  Q: which of the 4 regions in Federation is better industrialized, and why better?  Ans:  Eastern REgion:  “because its people are traditionally pushful”, “imbibed the spirit of self effort”, “provide for themselves some amenities” that those of other regions look to govts to give them.  “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”  Q:  what causes epidemic of cough and catarrh, any atomic test?  A: European testing of bombs has caused foul air; underground tests still going on.  Q:  why police force the most corrupt service in Nigeria?  Ans: it’s not ‑‑ members of the public corrupt them.  Q‑A concerning “industrial revolution” in nigeria; Q‑A concerning Ahmadu Bello tour of West ‑‑ it is to redeem the doom of NNDP.
“Islamism”, cont’d.
Monsignor Obelagu to receive O.O.N. (from Gov Ibiam); CT Onyekwelu ditto; Moses Odita, M.O.N. (“Member of the Order of the Niger”)
“Ibo Youth League, Lagos Branch” sends telegram to Chief MO Ibeziako supporting Niger‑Ibo State. (no names of telegram senders given).  “your fearless exposition of clannish propensities of NCNC controlled EN Govt.
Spitfire:  this alleged L22,000 car [see above]

Sep 18:  Tax Drive:  Tax Autority has bagged L31,000 in past 5 months; 500 tax evaders also nabbed
Speculation:  Western House, elected in 1960, will be dissolved any moment now.  Both UPGA and NNA gearing up campaigns.  Over 300 supporters of UPGA in Onitsha have crossed to Asaba to West for campaigning.
People of Akpo have paid L608 to EN Govt, 25% of cost incurred by Govt in restoring order during 1963 Akpo‑Achina land riots resulting in loss of many lives, burning many houses.  Achinas have been asked to pay L11,826.  “Collective Punishment Ordinance”.
Ltr from Chukwuemeka Udenze:  NS Sep 17 incorrectly says “wrongful dismissal of LOU Enweonwu” by OUCC ‑‑ dismissal was proper and ratified by Minister of Local Govt; sum of L448 was his part payment from interdiction to case determination ‑‑ half‑monthly payments from Oct 62 to May 62.  He could have collected this earlier but decided to sue; finally, matter was settled by solicitors ‑‑ not High Court.

Sep 20:  Western House dissolved:  election Oct 11; POlitical meetings banned for 2 months;
North Premier cancels tour since meetings banned.     Germans to establish L60,000 plywood factory in Onitsha
Ohiaeri on “Cultural development of family in Nigeria, cont
Business tycoon joins Omeokachie.

Sep 21:  Achukwu vs OUCC:  Achukwu sought declaration that illegal meeting of May 7 was “illegal and unconstitutional” ‑‑ assessed 8 guineas costs.
Onitsha High Court will set aside Nov 30‑Dec 4 to hear legal arguments by 4 Onitsha chiefs against Obi, challenging his authority to appoint new chiefs.  GCM ONyiuke counselor vs. FO Anyaegbunam.

Sep 22:  Etudo Training College, Onitsha:  100 angry students go to Police, complain of Fraud of over L500 school fees; paid L30 each as tuition, but no tutor to teach them (preparing for London Exam).
Onitsha chiefs vs Obi:  Anyaegbunam:  Court has no jurisdiction to examine Minister’s functions.
L5 million Onitsha Textile Factory will not open officially in Nov, but production work will surely begin by end of year.
*  Chuma Obiora:  “The Place of Onitsha”:  review Nigerian Constitution:  Natives are so few in rapidly developing “no man’s town” that they have no say in affairs of their own town.  Hardly 5% of population; the others think more of own town and less of Onitsha.  Why not do like Warri:  Ibos in majority, then Urhobos, Ijaws, last the Itsekiris (people of Warri, owners of land); no stranger can stand election there (can vote) ‑‑ this is good. This is where the feeling for Niger Ibo State comes:  who would like to watch his house burn and not make a move?
* Mid‑week talk with Ikem Ikobi:  KC Olumba (Omeokachie chairman)  “Okaa, Omeokachie, Ogaa, Ichie, etcetera on ‑‑ Social Revolution!”  ‑‑ many questions about the multifarious social clubs and pyramid organizations now spreading like locust invasion in every town of the country.  Onitsha appears to be HQ ‑‑ has registered not less than 800 (? ‑‑ type of “8” not certain) club houses.  Our radios, local dailies and pubs talk of nothing other than such and such “respectable society”.  Many people surge out in thousands daily, parading streets in motorcades advertising societies.
The principles of nearly all these societies:  free association, practice of universal brotherhood, mutual help/love, social reform based on interchange of ideas, common savings, cooperation; founding of national industries, recreational facilities.  The most populous and national of these:  Okaa, Omeokachie, Oganiru, Odenigbo, Ekwueme, Ikaeme Ichie, Alade, Omemgboji, Okwesili, Okaome, Okateobute, Nwanedinamba, etc etc.
These founded by well meaning youths who gather during leisure hours; good feeling develops into stronger ties of association; a name is adopted; strength comes with “honourable courses”.  These societies are the “only ladder of progress” ‑‑ this their benefit for nation or individual.  They carry the light of faith and hope leading from poverty to riches, from failure to success.  Socially they have brought various towns together, banished tribal feelings and clannishness ‑‑ particularly in Onitsha.  Cooperation for those in distress.  I predict they will help eliminate class/social distinction.
However, certain classes of people still glory in social distinction ‑‑ some think more of their professional equals; others fear loss of their greatness if they mix up freely; majority of these society “Lords” disdain particular traders, forgetting their own education and status has been gained through the sweat of the less fortunate.  Returning from overseas, they are provided with free houses, free cars, etc, yet they mock the others.  Already some lawyers, doctors, parliamentarians have stooped down to embrace the honest intentions of thes clubs.
None of these societies is secret.  The mother of the societies, the Okaa, has its motto, “Love, Unity and prosperity”;
Omeokachie, second in lead:  “Love, oneness of purpose and prosperity”; Okwesili:  “Unity, respect and cooperation with the Government in Power”; Alade: respect for human dignity and honesty; oganiru:  respect for human dignity.
Drinking and feasting is human nature; apart from this, some have negotiated for various industries.  Remember that foresighted Londoners out of free association formed the East India Company.  JO Nwankwu (Okaa “Lord”) has formed a Federal Union of these, thinking toward forming big industrial companies.
Most of these societies have already accumulated wealth in various banks ‑‑ some over L1,000 savings.  So they must be encouraged ‑‑ there is no reason to preclude lawyers and doctors from free association so long as association is law abiding.  We must not lose touch with the common people.  But they should reform their early morning Radio announcements, which appear boring to the community.  Make the meeting announcements very simple.

Sep. 23:  West Regional election:  UPGA nominates 94 candidates (NCNC 34, AG 60) ‑‑ contesting all seats.  elections Oct 11.  AG acting leader of AG warned UPGA will not tolerate electoral officers leaving office during nomination‑filing times.
Edit:  good beginning for lWest elections; UPGA must now develop plan towards “shattering that monster of NNDP”.
Ojiako Okiah:  “That monster known as ‘Odiazi’ [“being broke”?] as known in Lagos”:  article on Lagos leisure: blames women as monsters for making men go broke there (artificial breasts, hair, nails, buttocks ‑‑ very expensive).
Debating society sponsors “Brain Trust” of barristers, theologians, doctors, philosophers,  answering questions:  will the world have an end?  Should more states not be created?  Why are some children born disfigured especially in Northern Nigeria?  Why does EN Govt neglect some rural areas?  etc etc.
Odenigbo gets more members:  prominent Onitsha businesswoman initiated; members present listed (many have some title ‑‑ Chief, Lord, Publicity, founder, Planner, etc.).

Sep 24:  Luxury Car Mercedes 600, estimate cost L22,000 (L5350 exclusive of duty) being delivered to Sultan of sokoto (Ahmadu Bello) ‑‑  he wonders why such hue and cry; car is duty free, many emirs have expensive cars.
UPGA swear affidavits at magistrate courts, swearing intentions to contest; this aiming against NNDP tricks to return some candidates “unopposed” ‑‑ UPGA finding it hard to file nomination papers.
“Friday questions on world current affairs”, by Gab Enebeli:  on China, Algeria, Tanzania; Q: West ban on public meetings: A: NNDP trying to hold off its doom; complaints about marriage (nobody doing it);
Edit:  “Rape of democracy”:  ban on public meetings in W.
Major Azike, Chief of UPGA Baureau of INformation, PUblicity Secy NCNC Onitsha, now at Aba, says Western election law passed last week despite stiff opposition from UPGA members of WHA on Sep 18 is both “fiendish” and “puerile”.  Akintola wants NNDP returned by fair means or foul.
“Islamism” by the Orlu Imam:  general text.

Sep 25:  “Northerners most disciplined”, says Premier of Mid‑W Dennis Osadebay; unlike other regions, this one peaceful, citizens don’t stir trouble; let people in other regions emulate the North (he speaking in Kaduna after 3‑day visit.
EI Ohiaeri, “Cultural development of Individual Nigeria”:  individual is the unit of the family; family is a “quadrinity”, each unit distinct; ‑‑ [this is a very odd article, full of neologisms].
Chinyelugo Etukokwu honored with conferment of insignia of “Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” (MFR), by Gov of EN Ibiam; grand cocktail party thrown next Weds at Etukokwu Palace.  over 300 VIPs in addtendance ‑‑ some listed; Magistrates, Dr. Onyeachonam; Edibos Okoloji, Kpajie Onyechi, Mother Mary Magdalen of HRS et al.
Onitsha Taxi Union members storm Onitsha taxi park:  L1,000 from union accounts missing ‑‑ faction demands redress.
NBC radio announcement challenged by Etudo Ltd:  there is no such thing as Etudo Printing College; alleged angry “students” are really about 5 apprentices, not all of whom have paid their training fee (and they have received allowances from us as much as they paid. Please let the public know.
Madam Ozobia (wife of Ozobia Odua) age 62 buried in Iyawu No. 6 Egbuna st. (she from Umuikem); 5 children, 25 GC ‑‑ survivors listed include Douglas Molokwu.

Sep 28:  Onitsha chiefs vs. Obi et al:  EN Minister of Local Gove filed motion to expunge his name from civil action by 4 sr. chiefs challenging apptment of 5 new chiefs without due consultation:  Justice KU Kaine dismisses.
“Big men” evade tax:  Onitsha Tax Office has collected L2,000 from citizens of Nnewi during 3 day intensive tax drive in Onitsha.
Edit:  teenage girls now hanging around hotels and catering rest houses soliciting for men; those VIPs should not succumb to these sirens.
Marriage ceremony:  between Miss Jane Mbanugo, daughter of Ogbuefi Nnanyelugo Mbanugo of Ogboli‑Eke, marries popular photographer of Orauku.  Ceremony  in Nnanyelugo’s residence at Egerton Road.
Udenze honors Enugu Mayor:  who calls on people of Onitsha to cooperate with OUCC:  “no Nigerian is a stranger in Nigeria”, says he;  party at Catering Rest House included Onowu, Odu, Ojiba Owelle et al (no Ajie).
Utility Social Club sends off former Tutor at Etukokwu School of Commerce; names of attendants almost all have titles of some kind attached.

Sep. 29: Edit:  Kidnappers of electoral officials in West:  what will happen?
Mid‑Week talk with Ikem Ikobi:  UPGA has storemed the west, thwarding NNDP’s conspiracy with electoral officers to rig the West Election.  The NNDP is ready to be slain on Oct. 11 when polls open in West.  This election will determine the fate of Southerners, who are now at the mercy of Sardauna’s totalitarian government; whether Chief Awolowo or Akintola is right in West crisis; will show whether NNA or UPGA is on top.  Some electoral officers were kidnapped in order to return many candidates unopposed; however this move forestalled.  This election  is Yoruba vs Yourba ‑‑ no anti‑Ibo smearing campaign.  UPGA plans to bring pressure of Fed Govt to release Awo.
AG‑Akintola broke AG apart in 1962; ever since, W in chaos.  If NNDP is rejected at the polls, UPGA will control 3 of 4 regions, place the party in position to challenge NNA at the center.
Ofala week for Onyejekwe (by Obiekwe Aniweta):  he entered purification on Sep 25.  comes out again on Sept 30 Ofala day.  On behalf of Youths of UEA, I congratulate the new Obi.  If the illiterate masses in UEA can’t appreciate that an Obi has come from UEA, we who are reasonable thank God.  Also thank OUCC and Chukwuemeka Udenze for contribution to Ofala fund.

Sep 30:  Ofala Eze Onitsha today.
West election: 12 NNDP alleged returned unopposed; UPGA files court action.
Edit:  “It is a mockery”:  UPGA paid to the Treasury the nomination fees of all its candidates, etc.  It is… “a nail in the coffin of democracy”.

Oct 2:  President Zik appeals to the nation to mark the 5th year of Nigeria Independence for tolerance and love
Igwe Onyejekwe Ofala:  chiefs from Hausa etal, plus Onwuta Osuma, Ojiudo, Ojiba, Nwokedi Ogene.

[no papers 3‑6]

Oct 7:  UPGA releases manifesto for Oct 11 WHA election:  promises made
Councillor Achukwu Ochanja alleged heckled by over 500 demonstrators from flooded areas of Otumoye, when he said, OUCC doing anything over these floods is waste of time and money ‑‑ floods will recur every 10‑12 years.  Councillor Ugochukwu Odoakpu Ward A said:  see how he stands against any aid by OUCC.
OUCC Chair Udenze:  thorough survey of Otumoye dam; can’t undertake major project now; Odu Mbanefo urges council to tackle this grave problem relentlessly.
Bida Road Flood victims demonstrate:  500 at meeting of OUCC; led by CN Egwuatu, GO Igbokwe alias “Okaa Diamond”, et al.
Zik’s broadcast to the nation (3):  positive developments cited:  Nigerianisation of all ranks of the army, POlice force; international roles show great initiative.  Cement holding us together is common nationality:  tolerate each other;foster good neighborliness.  Glden rule; Koran cited.
Onitsha youths honor Spokesman chief reporter Ikem Ikobi, off to Lagos University on 6‑month Journalism diploma course.  Attendant at party:  a number of journalists named; then “entire Onitsha youths” gave party; biography of this young man given (Metropolitan College Onitsha).

Oct 9:  6 Students win NN Anah’s scholarships, will leave Lagos by air to USSR.
Edit:  Chair and Works inspector of OUCC told community that council is “financially broke” because of “indifference of people of Osha towards the payment of capitation rates”.   So what has council done with money appropriated from tax rate drives?
Book review:  “Pragmatic African Socialism”, first mooted by Okpara, must be understood if it is to work.   Okpara Youth Brigade founder, Hon GC Okeya, is writing on it.  Aims:  develop economy pragmatically:  EN has achieved much.  12 major farm settlement programs (each family gets at least 10 acres).  Establishment of factories.  NNDP govt has no policy, no plan ‑‑ they talk tribalism.
CT Onyekwelu is decorated with the O.O.N. by Ibiam.

[No papers from Oct 10 (elections Oct 11) until November 1!]
Nov. 1:  “Situation in West ‑‑ 4 killed at week‑end clashes:  NNDP thugs in police uniform”:  WN situation continues to deteriorate as riots, arson, murders, burning of cars.  Near Ijebu‑Ode, etc.
Edit:  NNDP to apologise:  have attacked Ibiam speech telling truth.  They have brought shame to our country!
Etukokwu students meet OUCC:  entire students of the College claim they were expelled because they resented “the principal’s attitude to his college girls” ‑‑ “girls were lured into somebody’s bedroom for seductive purposes”, etc; OUCC Chair Udenze condemns politce for using teargas against students, beating up many of them; OUCC will send delegation to Principal.  (Chinyelugo had claimed he expelled the students because they mixed indiscriminately with the girls at night in their dormitories; also claimed they refused discipline, wanted to strgle him in his office once.
Onitsha prominent trader Julius Osuagwu has been crowned “Prince” of Ikaeme Ichie Fellowship Society of Nigeria.  Distinguished personalities ‑‑ and over 10,000 people at Plaza Hotel Onitsha ‑‑ witnessed ceremony.
Ikaeme Ichie launched in University of Nigeria:  history made:  Lecturer and 30 undergraduates enroll ‑‑ this the second article; titles and names given; students said they embraced the society because “it aimed at ‘bridging the gap between people of different walks of life and culture'”.  Not a cult, not a secret society, not ethnic nor tribalistic.  Non‑aristocratic, non‑denominational; preaches freedom.       Emmanuel Church and St. Stephens, IT ‑‑ for years under control and jurisdiction of Christ Church WS ‑‑ became autonomous:  heralded with 21 Cannon shots, Archbishop Patterson presided; Mr. SNC Enwezor [also NS editor now] as choirmaster and organist; some history of these churches given (leaders named).  Some Onitsha chiefs present, incl. Mbanefo Odu.

Nov. 2:  Akunnia Modebe, prominent landlord in Onitsha of Modebe family, protests alleged proposal by OUCC to rename many Onitsha streets after names of some members of the Council, whom he said were “desperate after cheap popularity”, warned of disaster.
Parliament:  Hon Member for Onitsha Urban, JO Nwankwu, wants Niger Bridge fee to be very low.
Ltr:  Bravo OUCC for banning by law the entry and circulation of the 7 Lagos Newspapers ‑‑ should b an also Radio Nigeria and WNBS!
PN Okeke warns ONitsha social clubs not to permit people to use them to fight the NCNC.

Nov. 3:  Banned “Morning Post” men appeal to OUCC to lift ban on this newspaper (workers members of union will be retrenched).
Edit:  OUCC changing names of streets, cont’d (Spitfire also comments)
Chief Okoya, minister of Information, warns TOS Benson from trying to blame breakdown of law and order in West incided by Dr. Okpara.
JN Nzewi:  “Whither Bound Nigeria?”:  Census, then Fed. Election ‑‑ both had to be swallowed “so that Nigeria may be one; now Western Nigeria October 11.
Ltr: JC Agulefo: congrats, PN Okeke (Min agric) taking bold stand of EN Govt re rumour gaining dangerous grounds in Onitsha Obiship tangle.  We have though EN was lukewarm over Obiship recognition issue.
Ltr. William Obigwe:  thanks OUCC for banning 7 Lagos newspapers had deliberately helped NNA rape democracy and damage Nigeria’s image abroad.
Osakwe takes Ozo title:  Umuaroli; Chiefs all Enwezor‑backers; numerous Ozo men (Akunne Oranye listed also)

Nov 4:  Onitsha welcomes Soviet Ambassador (Nigerian‑Soviet Friendship Society organises “mammoth reception” ‑‑ NN Annah chairs, he HR Awka Central).
Britain warns Nigeria:  don’t discriminate against British trade.
Mid‑week talk with Orlando Iguh:  “Murderers of Democracy!”  Vandals “back woods” men “replacing our cherished democracy with a vindictive system of Government.”  What a pity that “the revered and lionhearted Chief Obafemi Awolowo is in prison today.”  Men who “preach ‘Allah'” are sacrilegious to create present unrest.  Attacks Balewa.  Electoral Commission laughable.  Dictators cannot rule long:  “Retributive justice will surely strike.” “It is only a matter of time.”
Subscription for new 30,000 DMGS Hall:  L2,567 collected on the spot. (names given)
Nov. 5:  WEST region radio rediffusion in Ilesha set on fire yesterday.
Wole Soyinka jailed in West after declaring hunger strike over treatment of man who had broadcast a message at gunpoint as “voice of the people”.
Edit:  PM must act now:  he has conceded victory to NNDP following West Electoral Commission (NNDP paid agents) findings.  He should declare state of emergency in that Region.
Friday Questions on world affairs:  questions on Nigerian affairs.

Nov. 6:  “West African Pilot, “Nigerian OUtlook”, and “Daily Telegraphs” banned in Ikare, Western Nigeria;  this the first Council in West to do this.
Osadebay:  release Awolowo and this will calm things.
KO Mbadiwe on Eastern Tour
NS issues “Apology” to Etukokwu for Nov. 1 allegations ‑‑ regrets any embarassment to Principal.

Nov. 8:  “Arson!  Looting!  Murder!  Western Nigeria Burns ‑‑ Police Chief shot” ‑‑ riot in Ondo province; Ijebu‑Ife;
Meeting of Nigerian elders called for in PH ‑‑
Etukokwu School Tutors condemn students’ actions.
Agulu People’s Union supports UPGA.
Edit:  Western House of Assembly to meet Nov 17; Akintola is in hiding.  Let them meet.

Nov. 9:  West:  Ifon:  27 civilians alleged shot dead; over 40 died at Akure clash between UPGA and NNDP supporters;
West Election results:  NCNC Parliamentary Party in WN met in Ibadan, rejected results of last elections:  UPGA actually won 68 seats, against NNDP’s 26.
Edit:  OUCC has established a police force, “Law Enforcement Officers” ‑‑ in the West and North such a group is transformed into a more powerful entity, and used recklessly by local councils to oppress and victimize political opponents.  Now OUCC has established such a group.  East Govt should support this.
JC Major‑Azike:  “Onitsha Street names”:  says he had thought to give deaf ear to critics, since they are insignificant people, while his “clean popularity” cannot be obliterated; they tried to block his holding of 2 jobs ‑‑ but now his position as Marketing Officer under ENDC has catapaulted to Senior Service level ‑‑ it is only M‑A who has been given this special prerogative to combine active politics with civil service appointment, reason enough to revere and honor the name ‑‑ M‑A. Modebe’s argument that only the names of indigenous sons and daughters of Onitsha town should be used is unreasonable and parochial.  Growth and development of Onitsha Township has not be done only by Onitsha citizens.  I have done considerable quota ‑‑ as a native of Igbo‑Ukwu, I have done much, but there are no named streets there; I have held Niger Ward A intact for NCNC since 1954.  Etc.
“Republican Social Club of Nigeria” meets; elects following officers:  (these are given “Minister of Info.” etc titles).  Barrister Ekwerekwu, Stephen Enwezor mentioned.
Nov 10:  At Oroma‑Anam:  Man kidnapped? Ritual sacrifice suspected.
\    NCNC Nigeria Wards A & B protest change of Onitsha streets names.
[note:  Social club notices seem to have almost disappeared.  A few very minimal notices.]

Nov. 11:  Violence in West:  11 alleged shot dead by police.
Edit:  attacks brutality by “uncouth, half‑baked Hausa Policemen”, “witless nincompoops” ‑‑ slur on reputation of the Nigerian Police Force.
AC Odiari:  “Major‑Azike’s bogey:  his writing in Nov. 9 issue ‑‑ ridiculous that he thinks people are jealous of him?  He exposes Nigerian politics to ridicule.  Nobody claims Onitsha Indigenes are the only peoplle who have worked toward development of the town.  Niger Ward A is a mess.

Nov. 12:  West:  Sir Ademola leads Peace Committee (meeting with both NNDP, UPGA)
Edit:  according to Ministry of Local Govt, 31 local councils have been granted increased powers; conditions governing this include “impartiality concerning minorities”; question:  is Inland Town as a minority being given special treatment as a minority area?  Are they getting amenities?
Friday catechism on world current affairs:  “What is your view on warning by university lecturers on the break‑up of the Federation?  this is timely warning:  Northern Govt expansionist; the “Northern Prince” thought he could rule from desert to sea.  Federal Govt miscalculated when it sent the Army and Police to the West without honest inquiry….”
President Azikiwe in UK for medical treatment; now recovering.
NN Anah:  calls on Balewa to recall Parliament to call state of emergency in West.  If the Govt of the Federation collapses in his hands, the responsibility is entirely his….

Nov. 13:  Edit:  Ademola Peace Committee
Old Ogbeukwu woman has told police she has been accused of witchcraft by village neighbors at Idemmili ‑‑ told to quit the village.  (Killing several village children.)
Rev Father Madike says Area Boards in EN are new devices to reduce Catholic influence; Catholic position given.
UPGA National Youth Vanguard ‑‑ “a militant political organisation, embracing all the progressive forces” ‑‑ has been formed in ONitsha Urban:  over 600 youths in rally at Onitsha marked formal launching: addressing rally:  Councillor Major‑Azike (Chief of UPGA Bureau of Information); Officers:  Engineer Isaac Iweka, Leader; et al; some Onitsha men.

Nov. 15:  Lagos City Council Election:  UPGA wins:  AG 35; NCNC 7; others nil.
Dr. Mbanugo installed as Ogene of Obosi  ‑‑ next in rank to Onowu of Obosi:  over 15,000 people witnessed in Obosi:  palace of Igwe of Obosi where he installed;  names given as present include “Obi Onyejekwe of ONitsha” ‑‑ but see below, Nov.17.; Idigo, Igwe of Aguleri, Amobi Igwe of Ogidi, “Igwe” JJ Enwezor also present.
Edit:  Renaming of Onitsha streets: this proposal is a reality; councillors should forget it, workhard for town.
Obiekwe Anyaduba:  If we throw away the past (by renaming streets) we will lack inspiration.  (Gives history of several names.)
Paul Ifekandu:  insults M‑A; gives history of names; says the “Major” (a nick‑name) has done nothing of value.

Nov. 16:  OUCC Law Enforcement Officer strikes a middle‑aged trader  with club; then he was mobbed by Bright Street traders, was stoned.
Cherubim and Seraphim branch observed 15th adoption service. Names, some details about the basic tenets of the order are given.  (Healing)
Igwe of Ogidi Amobi II visits Niger Bridge, rides across.
Wole Soyinka’s safety inquired about Professors and journalists:  address to Balewa.
Archbishop of West Africa Patterson officially dedicated the St. Mary’s Church, Uruagu‑Nnewi; 2,000 present.  (names given)

Nov. 17:  L3 Million suit by Ogbo family against EN Govt, arising out of acquisition of the Ugbo‑orimili land by govt without compensation to landowners ‑‑ acreage 397.
Fraudulent election: “Mid‑week talk with Orlando Iguh”
“Obi Onyejekwe not present at Obosi capping of Mbanugo”
Odenigbo!  new branch to be inaugurated in Okija

Nov. 18:  PM Says no to “state of emergency” ‑‑ says “There is a constituted Government in that region”
L3 million case of Ogbo family vs EN Govt progresses.
Edit:  PM’s stance on no state of emergency derided.
UPGA National Vanguard Onitsha warns PM:  compares Nigeria with Rhodesia  [note there have been many articles on Rhodesia’s unilateral independence the second half of this year].
PC Agbu:  “I am a modern Roman Catholic”: thanks to Vatican II I can now attend Protest Church services, why not bring Ozo title taking into the fold?

Nov. 19:  Barrister CE Agbu gives evidence for Ogbo family:  tenants allowed on land since 1896; Ogbeukwu allowed to settle in 192l; became ward in old OTC in 1957, when population reached 5,000.  Land leased in 1957; negotiation with Shell‑BP going on when Government issued order acquiring the land.
Etukokwu School ‑‑ temporarily closed down last month on order of school’s Board of Governors ‑‑ re‑opened.  Students suspended should apply for re‑admission.   No student has been expelled, but “disobedient students” have refused to apply.
Edit:  Etukokwu students:  return to school!  (ltr also)

Nov. 20:  EN traders Assn appeals to legislators in regional and Fed. houses to help them out of difficulties caused by banning of Japanese and Hong Kong goods.  losses over 5 Million.       “West African Pilot and Daily Telegraph editors in Lagos arrested, charged with sedition in relation to Western elections:  alleged “false results” published, and they stated that UPGA had formed govt in West.
Edit:  AG and NCNC alliance in West is a “Catholic marriage that cannot be dissolved”; NNDP is trying to blame West trouble as caused by “strangers”, meaning NCNC.  They are making overtures to AG for coalition in West ‑‑ a “Greek gift”.
Chike Okongwu:  “The nine Western Obas and the crisis”:  NBC, alias “Radio Gobbels” (sic), Obas statement there decried ‑‑ sorry image, no sense of responsibility.
Zik’s Institute gets EN grant aid.

Nov. 22:  Onitsha Textile factory begins operation this month.
Edit:  Mr. EE Esua, Chairman of West Electoral Commission, has finally punctured the bundle of lies dished out; he said Commission was unable to do its job; courageous statement.
EN sets aside L10 million for industrialisation during 6‑yr development plan.

Nov. 23:  Local Secy of NCNC has urged Dr. MI Okpara to press for inserting a secession clause in Constitution (forthcoming Const. Conference).
L3 Million land case for Ogbo family:  Shell BP and Total Petrol testify to leasing land “between Niger Bridge and Textile Industry.  We still pay rents to Ogbo family:  L9,215 annually [sic: correction Nov. 24:  L940] for 3 acres.  Total Petrol:  we leased 1.3 acres, paid L260/annum rental; since Govt took land in 1961, we have stopped paying rents, and have written for refund.  We are still on the land.
Isaac Ekwerekwu:  Tivs in N. politics. (Describes danger of travelling due to NPC overlords of Tivs.)
Edit:  “Weeping Jeremiah!” ‑‑ Ministers of WN govt.  angry at Esua’s confession.
Akintola Minister in West asks Esua to resign.
Ejiamike resigns from Dynamic Party ‑‑ “NNA dangerous.”
Udodinma Society inaugurated in Asaba.  (titles given)

Nov. 24:  Niger bridge ready for use Dec. 20; Engineer warns motor drivers:  be careful; discipline by drivers necessary.
Customs officials from Lagos swoop int to seize lorry loads of “contraband” ‑‑ Japanese goods.
Major‑Azike calls on PM to act now since Esua has publicly admitted fraud.
L3 million case:  Witness Mr. Morah bought land from Ogbo family, but trouble between Obosi and Onitsha people intervened, and I did not get the land, which was acquired by Govt.
Obi Oputa witness:  I was born in “Ogbe‑Warri”, where not NEMCO, Odutola Tyre soles, SCOA and Niger phone are:  umuase family gave us this Ogbe‑Warri, where we pay rent.  I used to farm Ugbo‑orumili land. We pay rent for Ogbe‑Warri ‑‑ L2.10/.

Nov. 25:  Dr. Jaja Wachukwu, Fed Minister of Aviation, expelled from the NCNC.
West Governor writes Esua:  why you wait to write about irregularities?
Editorial:  Gov of W trying to exonerate himself now, like Pilate.

Nov. 26:  “Wachukwu is bull in china shop:  made public comments contrary to policy.
“At Congo:  Army grabs power ‑‑ Kasavubu dismissed.
Edit:  Dr Wachukwu embarrassed NCNC and the country:  a bluffing and arrogant parliamentarian who has often embarrased the country.
Okaome Society:  new members inaugurated.

Nov. 27:  L3 Million Ogbo family case:  judgement will be given Jan. 24.
Witness for Govt of EN gives evidence as surveyor:  concerning no. of buildings on the land.
Congo:  Mobutu given power for 5 yrs.
Street names:  no protest to Enugu made by NCNC, says Major‑Azike; noise‑makers should be quiet.
Branch of Odenigboassociation inaugurated in Okija last weekend;  Speakers and others mentioned.

Nov. 29: OUCC sued for L30,000 over death of person killed in flood June 25;
Pres. of EN Traders Assn calls on Fed Finance minister Okotie‑Eboh to stop raids by Custom officials on EN markets.
NCNC Fegge Ward A endorse Jaja’s sack, etc.
“Yugoslavia’s National Day Today” (article ‑‑ ironic today ’93)
Ikem Ikobi (from Univ. of Lagos):  “The press and the people:  press has freedom, but also sacred resposibilities; but Nigerian Press is guilty of gross breach of faith ‑‑ it lies, enjoys rumors; freedom of press must be limited.
Land Officer:  no land allocation yet at Niger Bridge Head ‑‑ people will be notified.

Nov. 30:  Photo of Ghanaian troops on review:  deposed president Kasavubu rmoved to army Camp.
Spitfire:  warns OUCC about changing names of streets.

Dec. 2:  not much.

Dec. 3:  1966 East Election:  UPGA Youths warn about rumore concerning 1966 East Elections.
Isiokwe Family Public Notice ‑‑ absolving selves before Ani Isiokwe, absolving themselves of death of SN Okocha.  (names listed ‑‑ 16 men, 26 women)

Dec. 4:  Akintola Govt to enact Preventive Detention act.
ONitsha Protest against any Levy toll on L5 million Niger Bridge (official opening, Dec. 22).
Edit:  Toll bridge a big achievement of Fed Govt.  They said so from the beginning; but the amount sounds excessive, and moist punishing to Easterners, who will use it more.  Mid‑West and EN Govts should examine this.     Ltr:  “Onitsha customs”, by JO Osakwe, Onitsha: articl by Obiekwe Aniweta, published in the Voice of the People Oct 4:  “Homage to Okpalas” are regarded things of the past, so yong person scramble in where they have no right.  We need to know books on custom (he cites 3.)

Dec. 6:  EN Govt says No to Fed. Govt on Toll Bridge decision.
Edit:  Preventive Detention act?  Akintola Govt will be guarded by Hausa police and army; security measures so strong ‑‑ is this popular govt?

Dec. 7:  Fed Govt says Bridge opens Jan 5; vehicles must pay tolls (bicycles, pedestrians free).

Dec. 8:  Hon. NN Annah calls for boycott of Niger bridge opening day ceremony.
Onitsha Inland Town Okpara Youths Brigade inaugurated; Chiefs listed ‑‑ an organ to through which Onitsha youths will demonstrate their loyalty to Govt and leadership of EN; Onitsha has been branded seat of opposition to the Regional Govt owing to the utterances and activities of some irresponsible citizens. (Obiekwe Aniweta asst public secty to Ikem Ikobi, who is Publicity Secty.)

Dec. 9:  Major‑Azike initiated into Okaa Society as “politics”.

Dec. 10:  WHA:  only Akintola men meet, no opposition.
Benin City:  Nigeria Police intercept lorry transporting munitions, stuffed in bags of Garri, to Western Nigeria.
Ikame Ichie Fellowship Society of Nigeria:  first Ichie Odu to be installed (at Hotel de Plaza, Onitsha)

Dec. 11:  Hon JO Nwankwu:  “Okaa Society of Nigeria is not a political party, but it would not block the way of any individual wishing to contest.  He spoke at initiation of 30 respectable citizens.  Barrister Ekwerekwu one of those present.

Dec. 13:  Angry Owodo villagers in Abeokuta matcheted Chief Bandele to deal, also attacked an Inspector of Police.
Okaa Society responds to speculatins mounting whether the various societies, springing up in their hundreds in Onitsha, have no political bias and with an eye to the impending dissolution of EHA:  Pres of UPGA Nat’l Youth Vanguard Onitsha warned, PN Okeke warned:  Publicity secy of Okaa Society said:  “Okaa Politics” is none of the titles recognized in the society.
Jerry Orakwue welcomes inauguration of branch of OKpara Youths Brigade in Onitsha Inland Town.  Challenges statement that Onitsha branded as opposition to Regional Govt ‑‑ Onitsha people have been faithful to NCNC ever since its birth; Onitsha people among the pioneers;  gives names of early leaders.  Because an Onitsha man happens to be an independent, will the town be branded a “seat of opposition?
Ozobiah Oduah withdraws support of Enwezor, goes to Obi Onyejekwe.  Personalities witnessing ceremonies at house of Nzekwu Omodi; Mbamali Ajie present along with Ogene and usual others.

Dec. 14:  Missing Westsern minister’s wife found in bush at Ijebu‑Ode, stark naked, one of her breasts chopped off; lying critically ill at hospital in Ibadan.
Onitsha:  Over 800 members of Dynamic Party have decamped en mass, letter of resignation to Chike Obi:  leader of ONitsha Inland Town branch, Mr. C.O. Ononye and 20 other signatories declared for NCNC.
Parliament:  CUOO Adi (Awka Central):  sinsertion of a secession cause in the Constitution of the Republic is necessary.  (etc).
Ezeora Society of Nigeria has first anniversary celebration.  Within a year the society has spread all over the country.
Chief SO Masi performing the formal opening of the L10,000 Terminus Hotel in ONitsha says, Onitsha Province excells in pace of industrialization in EN. Present:  Igwe J.J. Enwezor, with Anatogu Onowu and Orefo Owele.  Others mentioned.
Igbo‑Ukwu welcomes CJ Patterson:  Mission dispelled slavery, human sacrifice:  Gospel message first reached here in 1911.
Dynamic Party leader Chike Obi and Scribe ordered to pay 12 guineas costs to defeated candidate in last federal election.  Crowded court laughed when Chief Magistrate humourously asked, “Does the Dynamic Party still exist?”

Dec. 16:  KO Mbadiwe to open his country home, “The People’s Palace”; open letter from Hon EN Njaka, EHA member asks him to cancel invitation to Nigerian PM;  Oba of Lagos coming.  KO accused of working with NCNC.  You should condemn PM.  Is PM of EN not good enough to open your house?  this looks like a betrayal of Igbos.  (long letter
Governor of WR and Akintola clashing, rumour says;
Ogbomosho people ask Akintola to resign.

Dec. 17:  Esua ‑‑ chair of Federal Electoral Commission ‑‑ resigns his apptment.
Oba of Lagos and KO arrive today; big welcome by Obi Onyejekwe;
“Palace of people”:  Lagos man suggests ignoring Njaka letter above ‑‑ a frustrated politician.  Mbadiwe brave in election campaigns in north and West with Okpara.
Friday catechism on world affairs.
Aboh dance:  Madam Izadi sponsors.

Dec. 18:  schedule for opening of Dr. KO Mbadiwe’s “Palace of the People” at Arondizogu ‑‑ names of VIPs coming at various times; gun salutes all along the way; quite incredibly bombastic.
Igwe Ezenwa Ofala of Awka‑Etiti.

Dec. 20:  Dr. Okpara’s speech at Arondizogu: I’m prepared to shed blood for democracy, land without tribal second‑class citizens.
Igwe Ezenwa Ofala at Ime‑Obi, Awka‑etiti.

Dec. 21:  Court sets Soyinka free.
Chief SAC Nnaemeka will be installed the Obi Ezedioranma of Nteje tomorrow.
Akunwata Nwagbogu of Ogbeodogwu buried:  born about 1888, he was famous wrestler; was raised in Ogbendida and lived there most of his life.  Worked for Forestry Dept, took Ozo title 1916.  “Like the Mbanefo Odu family, the Nwagbogus are maternal descendants of the well known Umu‑Oyibo family of Onitsha.”  Burial ceremony took place simultaneously at Ogbendida and Ogbeodogwu quarters, Onitsha.
Edit:  Premier Okpara speech about second‑class citizens:  in North, southerners are this.
People’s Palace opens; Balewa telephoned inability to come.

Dec 22:  PM of Federal Republic speaks at Arondizogwu, thanking Dr. Mbadiwe for all he had done for the nation; said, “all Nigerians are equal”.
Mid‑week talk with Ikem Ikobi:  scrap niger bridge tolls.

Dec. 23:  “Another coup ‑‑ Army seizes power” (Dahomey
OUCC ready to award contract for comprehensive drainage survey of Onitsha Township.
Edit:  Balewa appealed for cooperation, Unity:  tell it to Ahmadu Bello.
Eze IV of Dunukofia:  Ofala feast Dec. 24:  Ukpo‑Awka.  (schedule given.  His Highness is the father of Dr. WC Eze of Toronto Hospital, Onitsha.

Dec. 28:  In West:  2 police constables killed, 5 wounded in village in Ife
Western Nigeria worse than Iron Curtain says Hon JO Aboh:  burnt houses, burnt cars; misery in everyone’s face.
Landlord Ekwerekwu dies at 87; some big; survivors and occupations.
Edit: Weak Constitution!  fix it ‑‑ or else.
East Election:  Okaa Society will not sponsor a candidate.
KO Mbadiwe, whose L350,000 “People’s Palace” has been talked of, said that no Nigerian is a capitalist; nobody in this country has a much money as it costs the average Hollywood girl to maintain her finger nail only.
Photo of the famous Hotel De Plaza, Fegge (where many societies hold their affairs.

Dec. 29:  Situation in West:  NA police shot:  barracks burnt down:  Abeokuta:  2 lorry loads of armed masked men invaded the Obafemi Local Govt barracks.
“Sardauna Brigade in Inland Town?  Barrister Isaac Ekwerekwu has warned, as legal advisor to the Okpara Youth Brigade Onitsha Branch, that any plan by certain “intellectual bigots” in IT to mortgage Onitsha to the NPC will be wiped out “when the time comes”.  He also appealed to Onitsha press to contribute to Unity of IT.
Edit:  congrats to Udenze and OUCC on L10,000 survey of drainage.
PHoto of Nigerian soldiers in Congo on parade review.

Dec. 30:  PM opens toll bridge Jan 4.  East govt and Onitsha may boycott opening.

Dec. 31:  Acting‑President of Federation of Nigeria, Dr. Nwafor Orizu, has paid glowing tributes to Dr MI Okpara et al for efforts to keep country unified.  Wished Zik speedy recovery.
ONyejekwe announces 1966 festival days.

  1. February 8, 1964. []
  2. Presumably this is a metaphor comparing the historical linkage of Macedonia to Greece with that of Isiokwe (with its spiritual head, Melifonwu) to UmuEzeAroli (with its spiritual head, Chude the Adazie). []
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